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Best games to play drunk

Are there any games you play that are just so much more enjoyable when you're intoxicated?
Nov 09, 21 at 7:02pm
For me playing Doganronpa 2 is so much more exquisite and enjoyable while being intoxicated.
Sequence... Bullshit aka liers dice and lest we forget klask. However, my days of getting "drunk" are over...Stupid diverticulitis. Doc don't know I still enjoy two beers a week. Nevermind the fact they're at least 20oz each, it's still just two beers... and the occasional margarita. Board/card games are so much better while inebriated, though. Edit: I forgot, the devil's lettuce doesn't count AND can enhance, sort of.
Still waiting to play... https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ec/b3/cc/ecb3cce0a96d0cc7184df9b458e4aeae.jpg
I hear Bomberman Multiplayer would make a great drinking game
Best game is the one you make up when you are drunk. Friends and I ended up making up a game where two guys put pots or pans on their head and charge at each other. Nobody really knew what qualified as "winning".
Cuphead. I made it a personal mission to exclusively play the entire game while drunk and it's fricken hilarious Obviously I'm not trying to destroy my body and do it in a responsible manner lmao so it's still a WIP but all I can say is it's a very good time
Nov 10, 21 at 7:41pm
Cup head does seem like it would be a fun game to play while drinking
I wanna play warzone with the boys, might hit some tonight if they are gonna hop on.
F-Zero GX and/or Wipeout maybe? Safest form of drunk driving
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