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The 4th Ed-Boy

Last online about 3 hours ago
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Nico Yazawa from Love Live! is prob the only actual character cosplay I own atm, but idk what to do about the hair bc I've tried two wigs and neither fit my head lol idk if my heads just 3 big, I just had too much hair at the time, or maybe I just didn't pin it all down under the wig cap efficiently enough so I end up just doing skinny little pigtails with hairties atm I want to do Konata Izumi from Lucky Star eventually though, as well as Kagome from InuYasha but I don't feel like doing them till I can figure out the wig dilemma because esp for Konata it's a really important part of her look.
What kind of crossplay do you do? I do a lot of crossplay too. (Probably most of my outfits.) I mostly do Hetalia, although my profile pic is Kurro from Haikyu.
princess_snow @princess_snow Well I have like 2 foot long hair and wear a lot of wigs, so you might just need a better wig cap. I normally tie my hair back and do 2-3 wig caps that fit well. I want to do a Koga outfit, need to try again cause the armor piece I tried to make came out super bad.
lol thanks man, believe it or not I grew it myself
Feb 03, 23 at 4:31pm
Well you make a good point, cool hair by the way.
I can't believe Gamefreak just casually gave us the perfection that is Mela, didn't elaborate further, and left as if irl women were ever going to be able to compete with her lmao
Curly-tana @forgetmenot Someone gets it! Like how are they gonna make someone like Mela, and give her nothing more than a side-role in a cheesy backstory? Deplorable! It's just too bad she doesn't have a Salazzle LOL
Probably a combination of: -Me simply not knowing how to meet new people irl, or when I do I have zero idea how to go beyond just small-talk and actually ask someone out without coming off as weird, or too strong, or misreading signals, or idek I have untreated ADHD which probably doesn't help this aspect lol -the fact that I enjoy crossdressing/crossplay and am open and honest about this to most people and I'm fairly certain it is a big turn-off for many women. -Choosing to save myself for marriage, and in turn expecting either the same from a significant other or at least a very low amount of previous partners and still being cool with a sexless relationship till marriage (I imagine this is the big one) -I am very particular about who I consider dating because my end-goal is marriage, life-long companionship, and starting a family and I cannot imagine not putting a lot of thought into choices like this At least I have the luxury of having my issues be mostly self-imposed I guess *shrugs*
Depends, when did you last consider this site to have had a normal userbase? I joined like 4 or 5 years ago I think and the site didn't seem any more active than it is now but then again I never really posted anyway so could just be me