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Anime Burnout


Hopefully I have selected the correct board for this.

I have been experiencing major anime burnout as of late (that being since around November or so) and I don't know why.
When I watch a series on my own it's not as fun unless it's a new series, if it's one I have seen multiple times I still enjoy it if I watch it with someone else (ex my aunt or mom).

Has anyone else have this experience before and had a way to deal with this?

I've been more into gaming since around the time this first started, however I usually feel guilty for not rewatching since I have a pretty big collection on dvd/bluray and feel like I'm letting them go to waste.

As a side note I have more or less been only watching anime (and a few select shows like Judge shows or shows like Forensic Files) since I aquired a traumatic brain injury back in Sept 2014 not sure if this has anything to add to the stunt but I feel like it could have some considering for awhile I was able to watch all 366 episodes and all 4 Bleach movies in about 8-9 days.

Sorry for the long winded question and for going a bit off (very easily for me to do) I appreciate any similar experience help or even just suggestions that may be helpful to my predicament.


Sounds pretty normal to me. I wouldn't say that's burnout necessarily. When I was first interested in anime, there wasn't anime to be had. I just happened to catch Vampire Hunter D on TV one night, I was probably like 12. It wasn't until a few years later that the Cartoon Network started running anime late at night. I started watching Inuyasha, Big O, Cowboy Bebop, and the like. Then I stopped watching because I got busy, started working, went to college. It wasn't until about 10 years ago or so that I picked it up again and by that time anime attraction had really picked up here in the US.

As far as having other interests, you will find many people on here have a variety. Some are into anime and manga both or you will find some are into anime and video games. Also, plenty of people here are into more normie things as well... regular TV shows, movies. It's not a crime to not be the 100% uber-mega Otako.

I read books but I don't read manga. Manga is an investment I can't commit to at this time. I have a shelf full of books I still need to finish. I'm far more of a gamer than I am an anime fan just based on the amount of time invested.

Aug 25, 21 at 8:31am

I like anime but some reason this year I'm really into menga. Beyond the clouds is the first series I've bought. I like weirdness and most anime isn't that weird, not that I'm aware of.


Seems pretty normal to me. I've Almost never really cared to rewatch something I've already seen before unless I'm watching it with someone. Sometimes I really get into it when I do but I'm always surprised when that happens. I also have a decent anime collection and I make it a rule that I watch everything I own at least once no matter how many times I've seen it before I owned it, sometimes it will have been three times because I will have watched it once by myself then with my brother and then with a friend and so I will have to wash it a fourth time when I own it myself. It could just be that your tastes have started to change so you don't care much for when you watch something that you've already seen before and that would still be pretty normal. I wouldn't exactly call it an anime burnout unless you feel this way about all anime including watching new ones.


I think this happens basically when you watch too much anime and nothing else. Like for me i really enjoy watching anime. But sometimes you gotta take a break. Its almost like a video game if you play a video game over and over you get burnt out but then when you stop and come back its better.

CAC @cac commented on Anime Burnout
Aug 25, 21 at 10:04am

Yeah this happens to me too, I get burnt out. I've regulated myself to watching anime only on weekends to help with it.

I also don't rewatch anime I've seen before very much. I pretty much only watch new stuff.

Aug 25, 21 at 10:17am

I mean, it's literally been over a year or so since I've watched any anime, but that doesn't mean I'm not a fan. You can do or watch something enough to the point that it just doesn't excited you like it did and that's when you take a break for a bit.


Thanks for all the replies so far and glad to see that that I'm not the only one in this boat I guess and good suggestions that I think I might try, still have fun with Visual Novels more atm so maybe I'll cut back a bit on the anime and change things up a bit and go and watch some other shows I haven't in a long time.

Aug 25, 21 at 12:27pm

Huh, I've never considered anime burnout. I get burnt out from other things in life, but not yet anime. I get stuck trying to find something new to watch occasionally though. As for re-watching, I really only do that if watching with someone else, or if it has been many years since I've seen it. Rarely I'll re-watch if the directing is clever enough that I will catch new things on a second pass.


I would just cut back and be more selective with what you want to spend time watching and find other things to do that you enjoy. If you change the environment when doing so, even better. People indulge to excess in many different things and that's rarely a good outcome even if the activity in itself is beneficial in moderation.

I personally like shows more when I don't binge an entire show in a sitting; I'll have a rotation of shows to enjoy and watch a regulated amount so I can watch stuff I want to watch and enjoy the idle what-if's and keep things fresh. I do this for 9/10 shows. Being selective also helps keep the watch list under control though admittedly it's still a big list, around 100 or so entries. Watch buddies are great too and help enforce this desired structure for me.

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