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Whats your worst fear?

Okay so I was recently watching youtube videos of scary stories and the top story for one of the episodes just so happened to be one of my worst fears and I went ahead and listened to it all the way through... Needless to say the stories being so detailed at maybe just under 15 minutes a story I didnt sleep that well that night xD But anywho... I figured I would make a topic and share with everyone one of my worst fears whether it can actually be something that can happen or not so here it is... Like I said I was watching youtube videos on scary stories and they just had to go and bring up the "Old Hag Sleep Paralysis Phenomenom..." x.x" To anyone that dont know, that is when you wake up in the middle of the night, usually during what is known as the witching hour at 3am... and ur body is completely paralyzed... the only thing that can move is ur eyes. During this time a "The Old Hag" in a black Veil looking like the girl from the ring got old died and came back comes to visit you in your sleep and basically stands on your chest or sits on ur chest and makes you feel like you're going to die. Typically from the urban legend you dont usually "die" but... its supposed to be a horrifying experience... If I ever were to wake up and be paralyzed and see The Old Hag, id be wishing for death.... So again its a urban legend, cant even say its true but... that is by far probably one of my worst fears... Call me a loser if you wish but I like to believe in the paranormal even though i've never really experienced anything paranormal... sept once... Anyways there you have it, one of my worst fears, so that is mine... whats yours?
Feb 16, 21 at 10:59pm
Oh and to anyone that was curious... Heres the story - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gFlFR1NBFE Skip to the last story and there u have it, the first 2 were childs play
I've experienced sleep paralysis a few times, but only once did it feel like there was something sitting on my chest which is more associated to the lore behind the mare. I have an old thread on here where I shared stuff like this. I haven't done it much lately, I think it picks up in the fall for me, for Halloween and that season. The scare stuff I watch is more geared towards true crime. Strange and Scary Mysteries of the Month is really good, the guy does deep dives on everything he does and shows pictures when he can. Sometimes videos. https://youtu.be/LyGs1aT2ys4 5. Zodiac Cipher Solved 4. Ola Salem 3. Government Leaked UFO Photo 2. Mom Locks Up Son 1. America's Most Prolific Serial Killer is Dead for Scary Story reads, I like Lazy Masquarade, Mr. Nightmare, Corpse Husband (though now he's just a gamer and vocalist 24/7 8[ )
Feb 23, 21 at 10:06am
I used to fall asleep to lazy masquerade just about every night. My worst fear? I mean, I live in a constant state of anxiety (Literally. Yippee for mental health!!!), but my biggest fear would be if anything bad happened to my son. You'll notice as life goes on, your fears really start to change, what was once important, no longer is 'n such.
I've read manhua of scary stories and listened to ghost stories...To be honest, roaches that fly into my room are more scary than invisible visitors or energy.
Marrying anyone in America. It's normal for my family and other local people, but enough chaos that would make me put a pistol in my mouth!
I'm cleithrophobic, so I basically fear I might get in a situation where I need to through a small space or walk on uncertain ground and not be able to get out by myself. Even getting tangled in my blanket makes me panic, I don't even want to imagine one of the above.
Ok so that's what it's called. In that case I'm pistanthrophobic(trust), cleithrophobic(same as above), athazagoraphobic(being forgotten), glossophobic(speaking in front of people), thanatophobia (losing a loved one). :)
Cleithrophobia is the reason why I can't watch cave crawling videos.
so I don't stand out much with my good health and recent changes made me afraid of death,not just the death, like the thought of disappearing forever and never coming back, I didn't really think this way before//
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