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What's a anime/manga you read/watched that not not many people know about?

First manga that comes to mind is +Anima. I'm honestly surprised no one has picked it up to make an anime adaptation of it yet. It would definately do well for younger audiences but I can see older viewers getting a lot from it too.
Mononoke, a horror anime with a unique art style and very interesting stories (I believe 5 in total). I think it really doesn't help that it has a similar name to Princess Mononoke so people might confuse it with the Ghibli film whenever they hear the name. https://myanimelist.net/anime/2246/Mononoke
I've seen Mononoke! Jealous of the Anime Man's statue he shows off in his vids.
Niice. Did you watch Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror as well? The last story in Mononoke is basically a retelling (with some changes including the time period) of the last story "Bakeneko" in Ayakashi.
Shiga Hime and Shadow House both are great and i recommend both https://66.media.tumblr.com/2213dc9be1abb1c564e9f9b4995f6c96/tumblr_pnlbuqaKf41xvwkewo1_400.png https://s6.mkklcdnv6.com/mangakakalot/r2/rt918148/chapter_6_mirror/2.jpg
Bio Meat Nectar. I'm surprised this is not an anime yet after the rise of Terraformars and Parasyte.
Tokimeki Tonight It's about a girl trying to get together with a guy from her school. I've fallen behind reading this thanks to online classes :(
Many manga I have read haven’t been translated into English~
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