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What Are Most & Least Recommended Singles?


What are some types to rely on and some types to avoid?


Avoid Nice Guys at all times

Revioli @revoli commented on What Are Most & Least Recommended Singles?
Revioli @revoli
Jun 12, 19 at 5:36am
This account has been suspended.


Like not too nice like muscular or narcissist, right?

Revioli @revoli commented on What Are Most & Least Recommended Singles?
Revioli @revoli
Jun 12, 19 at 6:20am
This account has been suspended.

Singles who attempt to steal other people's girlfriends/boyfriends.I feel ashamed to admit that I cannot help holding prejudice against their morals everytime I come across such people online.


What Loki says. Reminder to everyone, if you feel the need to tell a girl that you're a nice guy, you probably aren't.


that nice guy shit is so retarded
there are some superficial people in the world, and some guy gets treated like crap but is instantly white knighted as a nice guy, even if he didn't do some incel shit
obviously if a guy starts calling a girl a whore for not fucking him, yeah hes an incel scumfuck douchebag, but there are plenty of times ive seen niggas get slandered for giving up on helping someone who purely uses them
and its not just guys and girls obviously ive seen girls get the same shit its so braindead


Not really familiar with all the archetypes in the dating scene. I know my top pick would be a fellow lewd super nerd :) .

But all I can really do is some personal advice from my own experiences. Imo, the old saying that "opposites attract" is bs. Its much easier to connect to someone that shares your interests, or is at the very least open to and understanding of them. People that dislike and or actively reject each others interests probably wont get along long term. And though it may sound superficial, but having compatible libidos is also important. An asexual and someone who has a high libido, could have a very rough time of things just because of their bodies different chemistries.

On the flip side of things, watch out for red flags. Pushy and/or aggressive behavior, inconsistencies in personal stories, stolen photos, and fake nice guys (I think there are plenty of nice guys who are really just that, nice, with no ulterior motives).


For me, there's two kinds of single women I generally shy away from, though I guess these traits are practically mutually inclusive:

Women who can't think of anything deeper to say about themselves than "I love to laugh". I hate that line so much, and to me it's a pretty big red flag indicating a shallow/unintelligent personality.

Women who have highly bourgeois interests (common culprit being desire to travel constantly) but lacking sustainable income as well as interest in adult responsibilities and self improvement. This says to me that they either have terrible spending habits, or are not so subtly looking for someone who will happily pay for them to do this shit.

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