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10 Billion dollars to change your country.

Jan 10, 19 at 5:45pm
This account has been suspended.

I watched that anime!
But I dare say 10 billion dollars isn't enough when it comes to save China!
With 10 billion dollars, I would invest them in education!Providing free and healthy lunch for primary school students.Upgrading equipment in schools located in underdeveloped regions! Launching more programs to enroll students of different potentials...and so on
It would take decades to take effect..


I wouldn't do anything for my country, I'd just help close friends and family. Granted I need to do the math for that 1% but if I also work does that mean I can use my other finances?


I'd make everyone earn equal wages and there would be no overtime working hours. (Unrealistic, I know; but the premise of this whole topic is utterly silly to begin with.)


that much money could change you for the worst and i cant get any worse. if there isnt any new technology that could replace the power grid id get it fixed at least. id make it so space x cant go to space when ever they want, its bad for the environment. just so they can stick stuff in space, we dont need 5g in every spot on earth. what wrong with going camping and not having the internet? those are the biggest ones id fix

dam 20,000 5g satellites


i would build the wall, sure the projected cost is 5B but i think i can splurge a bit more on it if i had to


^It's 5 billion to at least get started, if I remember correctly, it'll be an estimated $20-25 billion to complete. But yeah, I'd throw down for that as well.


lets build a wall to keep us in more like it. trump is seriously retarded. we could all die because we need power.

Jan 11, 19 at 8:00am

use it to build a sky wall around canada

the real criminal, illegal immigrants are these asshole canadian geese shittin everywhere, taking our properties, ponds and lakes, eatin our hard earned stale bread crumbs, and harassing us and our good, wholesome american wildlife

im an animal lover, but i would punch a canadian goose in the throat if given the chance


id punch any of those satenist in the government. i probably shouldnt be saying this on a forum like this. kds dont need to see how messed up the world is.

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