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Question for females!

Nov 26, 18 at 1:15pm

Girls, do y’all get upset or weirded out if another girl compliments you appearance-wise...? Cause women are beautiful and I would love to tell them that ._. but I feel like they might scowl at me or be disgusted. Thank you in advance to those who reply!

Nov 26, 18 at 1:40pm

I completely agree with you that women are beautiful ^-^ i have yet to experience an uncomfortable or negative reaction to me telling a girl that she looks pretty though o.o To me personally, a compliment is a compliment, no matter who you're getting it from :) and well, if a girl would compliment me on my appearance, that would basically be the only thing on my mind for the rest of the day ^o^ but i guess that's just me >-<
I like to think that girls giving other girls compliments on their appearance would be a good thing. I mean, girls understand how girls, well, work, right? So i guess maybe it could have even more meaning if the compliment came from another girl instead of a guy :)

Nov 26, 18 at 1:51pm

That would be my guess as well. Most of my compliments on my appearance actually come through other guys, since my female friends are always rather quiet about that sort of thing. And if a girl did compliment me, I would probably assume they're just trying to be nice. So, reverse engineer that if you will. People of their own gender SHOULD provide accurate compliments toward each other on how fly, how spiffy, how pretty, or how cute they are. It's positive reinforcement.

Nov 26, 18 at 3:08pm

I never get weirded out by compliments, unless it's coming from someone shady. Then again I hardly talk to people so getting a compliment in general is nice.

Nov 26, 18 at 11:07pm

I don't mind if anyone makes a compliment so long as it's genuine. I used to be a little reserved back in the day when it came time to give compliments, but it gets easier over time.

Nov 26, 18 at 11:10pm

i dont take compliments well in general, girl or guy

but if we were friends i dont think it would matter

it depends on the person i guess, but theres no reason to be disgusted unless you were a stranger and compliment on a body part for no reason

friends it should be no problem

Nov 26, 18 at 11:13pm

I think compliments are easier girl to girl. When a guy compliments me, I sometimes wonder, "hmmm what does he want from me." But at the same time, I do like it when guys compliment me, I just might act weirded out at first. Eventually I enjoy it.

Nov 27, 18 at 6:26pm

My coworker recently complimented my personal style. I wasn't weirded out by her. I've never been particularly good with accepting compliments, though, so I admit I wondered if she was being genuine or not.

Nov 28, 18 at 12:16pm

Getting complimented feels great to me, I work with mostly women (healthcare) and it's not uncommon at all for us to compliment each other on stuff like scrubs, perfume etc. Even makeup, I've heard other girls just flat out say they love another's makeup and that they always look so pretty when they come to work and it's really flattering. Actually I feel more comfortable getting compliments from women than guys because it seems more casual and genuine.

Nov 29, 18 at 1:22pm

what chocopyro said, goes for me too, but in a little bit of a different way.
the thing about "if a female says it they're just trying to be nice" thing, is kind of true for me. But when some female friends tell me compliments, only SOME, (because i have a sort of connection with them) it's weird and it's sort of in-between.
for me though, i get a sensation of extreme happiness when someone compliments me, ESPECIALLY on the right things. it makes me feel rewarded for being a good person. (i would like to say good boy, but i feel it might come off/out wrong. LOL)
i feel like this goes the other way around for females. (females feeling like guys are just trying to be nice when they give compliments and it's more genuine for girls giving them compliments)

tl; dr
totally give compliments.

(sorry for being a guy and replying to your thread)

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