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18 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online about 2 hours ago
gelderland, Netherlands
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about 24 hours ago

k brb school

Apr 17, 19 at 6:53pm

hi mo-ers :)

Apr 16, 19 at 7:31pm


Apr 11, 19 at 5:57pm

I have accepted that I will be alone for the next 2-4 months friends-wise. Now what.

there's a very, very long story behind that i'm not gonna explain, what it comes down to is that i have friends but no friend groups. i don't have besties which i hang out with, i have online friends but uhh yeah.. irl > online.
so basically, i will rarely be hanging out with anyone. Does anyone have any solid advice for times like these?
i honestly want to keep being myself but i feel like i'll change because i won't meet up with friends anymore, i'm just scared i guess. after 4 months i HOPE i'll be in college in a new city. god for fuck's sake JOHANNES PASS YOUR GOD DAMN EXAMS AND GO TO BED. alright i'm going to bed, goodnight.

中国の仙人Enki Good luck in exams! I don't have solid advice, because I'm an introvert who rarely hang out with anybody..My advice is that enjoy ur can do many other things like playing video distract yourself..
. left a comment for yestotally
Jan 14, 19 at 6:34pm
This account has been suspended.
God Emperor Daggerfella left a comment for yestotally
Jan 06, 19 at 3:07pm

Thx 4 the add

中国の仙人Enki left a comment for yestotally
Jan 06, 19 at 2:45am

Yestotally!!!Send Bobs!New year, new power!!!!

Jan 05, 19 at 5:21pm

i'm back! :D

to all people that have added me and want to talk to me, please shoot me a message as i have not sent any to you guys! (i also don't remember who's new)

Odin the Baka welcome back
Oct 01, 18 at 2:43pm

Just gonna go inactive for a while.
I'll come back, might log on tomorrow and stuff because automatism, but i will probably not be "back" for a while.

Odin the Baka Take care
中国の仙人Enki left a comment for yestotally
Sep 25, 18 at 6:30pm