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Chocopyro left a comment for HannahBanana
Dec 09, 18 at 4:34pm

Oh yeah the hocking hill trails are amazing. It's like a fantasy landscape. Good inspiration for aspiring writers to base a part of their settings off of. They were carved out by the glaciers in ancient times.

Also, I've never been that far west in Michigan. Like I have been to Detroit for an anime con. (Youmacon) And have a few friends in Ann Arbor. But like... Not a lot brings me out that way. Got anything cool around where you live?

Dec 09, 18 at 4:28pm

I think I'll spend another night staying up until 4am drawing okay peace out

Chocopyro left a comment for HannahBanana
Dec 09, 18 at 4:17pm

Oh, I'll tell you what will.
1: Southern Ohio, there's a campus town. It's called Athens. It have five cemetaries that surround it in the shape of pentagram.

2: In the town of Lithopolis, we have a library built like a castle. The Wagnalls memorial center.

3A: We have some of the best hiking trails. Ash Cave for example is like 30 minutes from where I live.

3B: And even during the winter, it's worth checking out.

I bet. I've checked out a lot of the locations in Lake Erie, and they have some very intriguing history, and cool places to visit.

Chocopyro left a comment for HannahBanana
Dec 05, 18 at 5:14pm

Ohio used to have some pretty consistent winters. Now it's just very volatile. Like yesterday snowed, the day before that, rain, the day before that, snow. Today, dragons. I blame climate change. But yeah, I don't blame you for not wanting to freeze to death. Heck, I'm wearing three layers just being inside right now. (For some inexplicable reason, I possess way better heat tolerance than then cold tolerance, which is strange for being from this region.) I imagine it's even worse for you, being further up north.

wanderer93 left a comment for HannahBanana
Nov 28, 18 at 11:34pm

lol No. I was surprised you had put your e-mail up on my wall. But it's all good. Your secret is safe ;) I look forward to hearing what you think.

Chocopyro left a comment for HannahBanana
Nov 28, 18 at 1:25pm

Lets see. Loves nature, explores for the sake of exploring, dwells in graveyards, 5'7", very thin brunette, cuddles... See guys? You don't need to genderbend me! This practically IS the female me! Just an inch or two shorter, and takes body heat rather than producing it.

Oh, uh. Hello, my name's Andric. Nice to meet you.

wanderer93 left a comment for HannahBanana
Nov 25, 18 at 10:21pm

Okay. I sent it to you. I labeled it "Book Review" Hope you enjoy.

trhodes9000 left a comment for HannahBanana
Nov 24, 18 at 12:23pm

been awhile, hope youre doing well :)

treez_ left a comment for HannahBanana
Nov 24, 18 at 12:19am

I'll check it out for sure and let you know!

wanderer93 left a comment for HannahBanana
Nov 16, 18 at 7:45pm

Me: Don't worry miss. I've had 4 surgeries today. One of them is still alive. lol I wouldn't mind getting some feedback on it to be honest. The only people that have read it so far are my agent and the people that would like to publish it. Would you maybe like to read it? It would be good to get some opinion from a fellow horror fan.

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