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Fuminori started Drugs.
May 08, 18 at 11:39am

Have you ever tried any and which ones? Why?

Are you for or against using them and why?

Share some interesting stories if you have any or ask me up if you want to know anything! :)

Madara[FALLEN] commented on Drugs.
May 08, 18 at 12:06pm

I used on my best times:
Thc, alcohol, mdma, lsd, dmx, speed/pep and on good days cocain.

Clean since they just gave me a bad feeling instead of god feeling. Got highly depressed and I thought it will never stop because I earned more money than I could spend. Drugs just destroy your life and if you are addicted you are mostly doomed. Luckily I live in Germany where hospitals are free for everyone so noone has to fight his addiction alone.
Thc aint that bad in my opinion but to do nothing is still the best.

My experience with thc: makes you hungry and your mouth feels disgusting. Good for creativity and conversation (but prepare that you talk alooot of bs). The more you smoke the more depressed you get.

Speed/pep: No sleep just bs and makes you addicted. Can boost your concentration but thats just a rumor.

Cocain: Train in your head

Mdma: you feel alooot of happiness, makes you depressed after a while

Lsd: hallucinating, makes you horny and you enjoy shitty music

Dmx: no comment

Alcohol: everyone knows what alcohol does

Conclusion: Don't do drugs lol

Cero commented on Drugs.
May 08, 18 at 12:17pm


Same as above
Don't do drugs

Simply abuse alcohol

Fuminori commented on Drugs.
May 08, 18 at 12:18pm

You do realize even legal, alcohol is a hard drug, right? :D

Whisp commented on Drugs.
May 08, 18 at 12:22pm

Nope, I don't really like the idea of affecting my normal state of mind.

Torao commented on Drugs.
May 08, 18 at 1:04pm

I work in a pharmacy but I hate taking drugs xD
Take it if only needed, never abuse and rely on it.

neeto commented on Drugs.
May 08, 18 at 2:06pm

I wouldn't use them. I associate them with a degenerate life style that I rather not get involved with. I rather not turn into some junkie. I've got better things to waste my money on. Don't like the idea of loosing control of myself and doing things I might regret. I'd get fired if it was found that I was doing any. I've already got moe and pvc anyway to help take my mind off the horrible world I find myself having to live in.

space cadet commented on Drugs.
May 08, 18 at 2:22pm

*Derpette* Kameiya commented on Drugs.
May 08, 18 at 2:28pm

Unless it's medication for a symptom I have I don't use them. Especially the bad ones. I'm already a crazy mess. I don't need drugs to add to that oh so charming side of me.

sirumoon commented on Drugs.
May 08, 18 at 4:09pm

i liked shrooms kinda, only did them three times. ive tryed some other drugs, it was pretty stupid to do unnatural stuff.

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