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Do you feel lonely?


I do, I came on here from a dare and I really like it. I'm a bit lonely and have anxiety.

Matchesia commented on Do you feel lonely?
Apr 14, 18 at 4:52pm

I feel lonely a lot as I can't really relate to a lot of my friends at school
that's why I spend a significant amount of time on the internet :D

neeto commented on Do you feel lonely?
Apr 14, 18 at 5:07pm

Yeah a fair bit lately. People would probably consider it pathetic but I've never really had friends. I get along okay with people I meet online but it doesn't mean much when everyone who might consider me a friend is on the other side of the country or planet and are people I'll probably never meet in person, that and they all tend to disappear sooner or latter anyway. Closest thing I did have to a real friend was someone who'd take advantage of my generosity over and over, treating me like an ATM or chauffeur. Made me wait around the corner once while he drove my car to pick up his friend without a license because they didn't want that person's family to see me, another time made me call off work to join him on a double date just to find out he lied about it and only wanted me to drive him and his girlfriend around as I slipped him cash to impress her.

Growing up I never had a brother or sister, just a dad who has hated me all my life while treating me like garbage. Even so I tried being there for him whenever he needed me, breaking my back or putting myself in danger for him and he never cared. My mother meanwhile means well but she's not all there and hard to communicate with. Even so, she's all I've got and the only reason I haven't committed suicide yet.

Never had a real girlfriend either. Growing up I've been told by many people I'm not bad looking or that I'd make for a good boyfriend, husband, father someday, yet I've been alone all my life. The first and last time I went on a date was with a revolting obese and trashy single mother who's white trash family hated me because of my race and that was ages ago. Longest relationship I ever had meanwhile was with a girl I met here who refused to change her status or treat me like anything more than a friend, yet would still get very jealous if I used this site, went places other women might be, or didn't talk to her daily. Her idea of showing affection was calling me darling once after being together for six months. Six months with someone who wont video/voice chat and someone from this site complains to me about how boring sex was with a girl they met a week before. I've wasted years on this site meeting countless people, seeming to get along, then watching them get bored and leave one after another soon after. All the while watching people take what they have for granted and complain.
If I seem like a jerk now it's because it's hard to keep on a smile when life keeps punching you in the face. People tell me to stay positive, hang in there, things will change so on and so forth but their words always ring hollow. Even those trying to be helpful tend to just give useless advice. it's easy to tell someone who's too tired to keep walking to get back to running when that person isn't having to do the same. The older I get meanwhile the harder it is to keep going. Options only become more and more limited as time goes on.

Sir gone commented on Do you feel lonely?
Sir gone
Apr 14, 18 at 5:13pm

The answer to your question: No, I almost never feel alone or really truly lonely. Nor have I felt lonely in my past.
I love being alone and not taking part in activities and I don't get energy from being with others.

It's not odd to be lonely or alone when in your teens and it may continue till your adulthood. Anxiety can be conquered and I know a few people that have had anxiety. One of the best ways to get over anxiety is to expose your self to uncomfortable situations and places.

However, anxiety is a tool for survival and can be used to help you out.
Anxiety is a much-needed tool to get you away from danger and will increase insulin and unlock strength. So try to label true danger from low-level social danger. This will reserve anxiety to scenarios that are worthy of its use and engagement.

Clear your head of all excuses and just go out and do something that you will be able to do. Something small but uncomfortable. Then work your way up until the anxiety is only popping in when you're in true danger.

The purpose of this is to rework the wires in your head. It will build stronger synapsis with the correct reactions and will lead to less improper chemical releases. Your young and now is the time to do it well your brain is able to be reworked and shaped. I'm sure your a strong girl and can take on more then you think.

Apr 14, 18 at 5:23pm

At times I also feel lonely which is why I joined here too just recently.
I'm more of a introvert guy so I don't really seek much contact with people outside of work and I like it that way a lot.

But lately those quiet nights, moments before sleeping and when waking up do make me realise how nice it would be to have someone next to me. Other than those moments, people on the internet and anime/games fill so much of my free time that feeling lonely does not easily happen. Need to keep those distractions going on ^^.

Hopefully everyone here finds some great people to talk to, so that this feeling is not that bad.

Nat commented on Do you feel lonely?
Apr 14, 18 at 5:56pm

Considering I don’t leave the house, and I live in the middle of nowhere. Yes. Yes I do.

Enki commented on Do you feel lonely?
Apr 14, 18 at 6:38pm

Being gregarious makes me feel lonely, so I stop being gregarious. If they regard me to be a weirdo, so be it.

Whisp commented on Do you feel lonely?
Apr 14, 18 at 6:50pm

Hmmm... Most of the time I'm fine being alone. It's during hard and stressful times where I start feeling lonely. Having close people during those moments is reassuring.

I guess the answer in that case would be to not get stressed, but that doesn't feel like a right answer lol

Apr 14, 18 at 7:22pm

I often do, yes. I have a few good friends, but I'm missing that special someone...

Apr 14, 18 at 7:40pm

Even with all the friends, its still possible to feel alone.

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