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Kraft vas Si'yah

37 year old Male
Last online 12 months ago
Vantaa, Finland
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Hey bro I dropped by and I'm sticking around for quite a while this time. Thought I pop up at least once a year. You haven't logged in since 4 months but I know you'll eventually see this so yeah man everything with me has turned a new leaf for sure. To be honest probably the scariest moment of my life happened maybe like 3 months ago but everything went through smoothly so it kinda totally changed my outlook on everything in life. It's interesting form all the talks we had before about your culture It basically gave me a new power. I can tell if someone online is Finnish lol to the point I started guessing and they always say what? How did you know that? Lol not always I can tell but just from our past talks I can pick up clues here or there. It's always funny to see the reactions. But yeah man I hope your doing great :)
Kraft vas Si'yah @mkraft It's good to hear about you again and that even at uncertain times you have found new paths in life. I hope you are doing well, healthy and have a new strength that you can rely on going forward. And yeah, spotting people of certain nationalities can be easy / more distinct than others. Finns might have certain things that you have now found easy to spot. I personally do not recognise throught the written format but when we talk in voice comms, well it's always funny how fast it is to spot one. :) As for me. Life has been going steadily onwards. Occasionally busy at works and at times quiet moments. But as years have gone forward I have become a bit more stressed. Have started to rethink my direction in life with work (thinking of switching jobs for something else) and where I live, as my aging parents are starting to need more help and I can't really do that from where I am currently. Also the continued single life does tend to grow that small dark hole inside the heart that desires to filled a bit to become whole again. Especially when one does not have any pets or irl social life outside of work. Missing that special joy of other peoples smiles and excitement of life and the good feeling of being helpfull to others in small ways. Overall though things are well for me. Not in the depths of despair or depressed about life. I think I am just experiencing the approaching change that will push me forward to a new branch in my river of life.
Thanks man that means a lot hearing I helped in your life. When you put it like that I never realized how powerful words can be. It really can impact others inspiring and encouraging them or harm and bring them down. I admit I'm not a perfect person and I have definitely hurt many people with my words as much as I have hoped to inspire them or uplift them. But I'm starting to think perhaps that's is something I needed to realize about myself. That I am capable of both a happy or a sad path. Happy or sad speech. And that I can choose the speech or path I want to be on. Even though you returned to the hermit life I think perhaps it's an opportunity for self reflection. Honestly man I think though you've returned to the same state of hermitness it doesn't mean you haven't grown wiser, smarter, and more confident in yourself. Your not the same person you were before. I think a good metaphor is to think it like a rpg video game. At level 1 you were lonely and quite miserable but hid it well, but eventually you had the opportunity to level up and even got to level 50. But things happened and you turned back to level 1. However.... you still have all your powerful equipment still equipped that you had when you were level 50. So you may be level 1 again but this time with all your level 50 stuff. If I turn it back to my orginal point basically you may have reverted back to an inconvenient lifestyle however what you already gained is still with you. So your a stronger and better version of yourself even if your a hermit again. I think if you think like that you will realize being a hermit again is not so bad because no one can take what you already gained. I hope that maybe helps or enlightens you in some way. Thank you for the best wishes, I hope your summer is also great as well :)
Kraft vas Si'yah @mkraft Wise words. We are the culmination of our past experiences. We keep those things inside us even if we deside to back to something that we were already. Our new version is still a bit different than the past one. And I have indeed grown from my past hermit behaviour. Even though things are quite similar, there are also differences. I am now more willing to visit relatives when there is an opportunity. It comes with age of course but being so much alone has made me also seek those connections that I did not really think much of before.
Hey man it's PK. I'm just dropping by today only to say hi. I just finished watching a Finnish movie called the unknown soldier. It was pretty good. Yeah man I hope your doing great in life. I don't know where life is leading you but I hope it's leading you to success and happiness. Seriously many things you've said to me in the past In out conversations has helped me a lot in my life. I don't think I'd be where I am today without that wisdom. I hope you can find whatever your looking for in life. Have a great day.
Let's give some attention to the not so known ones. Raika Oda http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Tb0koc6Upyk/VNH3GrLLGZI/AAAAAAAAEOs/iwQ9_pGiwX4/s800/raika%2B02.png