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neeto started Suicide
Apr 10, 18 at 4:38am

So have any of you guys considered it, tried it, or planed on it? If so, what drove you to it?

I'd comment on my own experiences but it'd likely draw some form of mockery from those here who dislike me, so I'll avoid saying anything else on the matter for now.

s commented on Suicide
Apr 10, 18 at 8:40am
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Gone_to_Arcadia commented on Suicide
Apr 10, 18 at 1:01pm
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Gone_to_Arcadia commented on Suicide
Apr 10, 18 at 10:17pm
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Amrod commented on Suicide
Apr 11, 18 at 1:33am

Never considered it, even when times got rough for me.

It bothers me whenever I hear others who want to take their own life. I see it as a weakness. Now It sounds like Im a douche and Im sorry about that, but thats my opinion on it :l

I had a friend who attempted to kill himself, he went to the military and he got hit with depression.
My mentality is that you have to be strong in life and you have to be your own best friend. If you want to kill yourself then most likely you dont love yourself. Why would you be against yourself when everyone else is also? You should be your own best friend and fight against everyone else.
Not sure if I made sense or not lol

Joy commented on Suicide
Apr 11, 18 at 4:48am

The years of being miserable pushed me to having suicidal thoughts and a few attempts. I felt that if I couldn't be happy all these years then I won't be on the next so why should I continue living. Even though I was told that I have family, my family have an extreme lack of understanding emotions so I felt alone either way. I had no one who would listened to how I feel. Luckily, due to my stubbornness, I've always wondered if my life could get better. Every time I was about to do those few attempts, that thought came to mind which stops me from proceeding.

Every December was when I was the most suicidal because I didn't want to start the new year miserable. Last year, was the first time I never felt suicidal during December because of someone special who I met during that year, months before. I've been with them for nearly a year now and have changed so much since because of them. Though, I still get suicidal thoughts from time to time but because of them and who they are, I haven't attempted any since.


Okay. I wish to meet all of you again in the hell where I frequent<I'm a 地仙 hah>

Mephisto commented on Suicide
Apr 11, 18 at 5:09am

You left my at level nine Enki! I want some coffee down here. Don't come to hell the hospitality is terrible. :/

Nat commented on Suicide
Apr 11, 18 at 11:04pm

I think about committing suicide a lot. Also, of course hell has bad hospitality. That’s the whole point. If hell was a fun place to go to, everyone would go there. It’s a place of punishment and torture, and appearently no coffee.

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