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Magic The Gathering?

Oct 12, 22 at 8:08am
You know, I think a some of the blame for this can be attributed to the Wizards of the Coast CEO Cynthia Williams. She became CEO after moving from Microsoft in 2016, you know, when magic cards were cheaper. Consider her background: she spent 11 years at Amazon working on Fulfilled by Amazon, where she was the division’s first CFO and COO, finishing as General Manager and Vice President – FBA Business and Operations. Her Linkedin: "has a proven track record, across both Microsoft and Amazon, of scaling businesses to drive profitable growth". The irony about all of this is that the Pokemon TCG president Tsunekazu Ishihara hasn't changed from the start and his business model is entirely different, creating an inexpensive product that everybody can enjoy. And guess what? Creating a product for the masses instead of the whales actually works! Their profit growth is miles and miles ahead of Wizards of the Coast and will always be that way until Wizards changes their business model.
@arc I will repost what I said at the start of the year. A comment that was met with criticism as being too harsh on the company because I wasn't thinking of all the poor starving artists that make the cards. But no corporation actually pays those that craft the product the amount they deserve. They will say that they "pay" them, but most of that income are listed as benefits that may not in fact be useable or desired by said employees. However those useless benefits can easily be written off the company's bottom line for further profit. As for the game itself it is not important in the investor's eye. Only how much stocks are going to increase because of people's desire to win at all cost!
Oct 03, 23 at 1:14pm
Holy crap guys all Magic card prices are crashing. What's going on?
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