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Magic The Gathering?

Anyone here Play Magic the Gathering? Ive been playing for 2 months now and here is my deck that I have built: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/pirates-of-quick-death/ I gotta say i like this game and I misjudged it a long time ago. I chose not to want to learn how to play since I figured it to be the nerdiest thing on earth.
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Mar 30, 18 at 2:18am
i used to play MtG but its an expensive hobby i didnt feel like keeping up because i didnt really have anyone to play with. i still have all my old cards. its pretty nerdy but it has alot of mechanics and has alot of depth to it and it keeps things fresh outside of tournament play (which is stale as shit)
it can get expensive, but ATM with the current meta theres not a TON of abilities and whatnot. and ya can get back in starting on the 6th with the challenger decks.
I have a lot of cards, all of which are outdated -.-
thats why theres modern for anything as old or older than 2005.
Modern is extremely fun if you get the chance to play it but it is really expensive unfortunately.
isnt modern cheaper than standard at times?
Nope I wish. Average standard deck is around 200 and average modern deck is around 750. You can of course play whatever you want but modern is definitely much more expensive of a format to play in general.
My deck for standard is like $120. What about EDH, commander or Pauper?
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