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Magic The Gathering?

I play red/green werewolves, haven't gotten a chance to check out the newer sets.
EDH/Commander is impossible to price because it depends on your commander and what you are willing to play. You can play lands that come into play tapped for a few cents each, you can play shock lands that cost 10-20 dollars then you can play duals for a few hundred. Pauper is easily the cheapest format in the game but it might be hard to get a group to play because though its very popular on magic online it just started being player in paper.
Apr 02, 18 at 3:21pm
Used to play a lot of MTG and Yu-Gi-Oh. Then, I got into Hearthstone and I simply could not afford playing three card games at the same time. A lot of my friends stopped playing after a while so I had no one to keep playing with, sadly.
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i used to play mtg, but its gotten harder after high school. MAGIC ARENA starts in a few days Access to all on the 9th open early access on the 6th if you asked to be in the beta. if anyone wants to play im down.
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Apr 30, 18 at 12:38pm
Mono black control - all day, every day ;D ( not really )
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May 10, 18 at 11:20am
First of all, Magic the Gathering is one of the nerdiest games out there. I mean, like for actual nerds. Superhero movies have moved from the nerd category to the "cool" category, as have video games. Heavy CGI has become popular culture, its what all the cool kids are doing. Its nuts how a hot chick is suddenly calling herself a nerd because she wears black frame glasses and watches Ironman. Like, no your not. True nerds play games like MtG, or text based browser games like Utopia. Not that I have ranted, I love MtG. I taught my nine year old daughter to play, and she loves it.
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