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Feb 02, 18 at 5:58pm

[Edit: i wrote this thing on a bad day, i'm working on myself right now and most members are aware of that. Please read further than just the OP when criticising me.]

I'll deactive my account. I get the message.

I'm only defending against the female opression here (which isn't a new thing) and i hope all females should 'man up' and stop allowing dudes to post toxic shit.

I'll leave. Because apparently being female has no place in this forum. I'm just supposed to sit down, be pretty and smile when dudes harass me.

I'm tired of defending and tired of people spreading lies.

I wish all of you guys remain forever alone, because that's the only thing you diserve.

Feb 02, 18 at 6:00pm

This is the reaction of someone begging for attention and the literal definition of a drama queen. Extend an olive branch and you smack it away.

shinu commented on Anti-female
Feb 02, 18 at 6:00pm

Don't come back.

yaasshat commented on Anti-female
Feb 02, 18 at 6:05pm

What? I'm confused on what's happening, who this person is and what they're talking about... Never even seen them on the forums.

Also, to late. I'm married, but thanks for the sentiment.

shinu commented on Anti-female
Feb 02, 18 at 6:11pm

It's Foxy Queen.

maxisjoe commented on Anti-female
Feb 02, 18 at 6:55pm

May I ask you where are these people and posts who you claim to be toxic? I have been writing on the forums and reading posts for a while now and I have noticed no such thing,
I know you deactivated but I hope you come back and explain what's wrong calmly with proof and maybe people will agree with you, also, deactivating your account means you let those "toxic" people win, if they exist.

yaasshat commented on Anti-female
Feb 02, 18 at 7:02pm


My brilliant deducting skills figure it out after about 20 minutes.


She'll be back and back to her narcissistic, selfrighteous and arrogant ways. She seemed usually alright, just very, very opinionated and self absorbed.

space cadet commented on Anti-female
Feb 02, 18 at 7:10pm

Females? You mean those fragile shells that exist for no purpose other than to be a flesh hole for my own pleasure, a subjugated tool to fetch me drinks and food, and a submissive doll that should never question my authority? Lol of COURSE us men need these "equal" humans around! Duh!

Feb 02, 18 at 7:43pm

OH detective cadet. I don't think this joke will help silly. But neither have I seen much toxic posts. Actually, I don't recall any toxic posts. Just catfishing and a bunch of goofy people.

Feb 02, 18 at 8:24pm

I have no idea what happened...Female oppression???(ꆤ⍸ꆤ)
I know she is Fox Queen at the very beginning hah..

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