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Last online 26 days ago
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Jan 04, 19 at 11:01pm

Not dead!

Oct 04, 18 at 10:52pm

Going live on twitch in about 25 minutes. Tonight I'm going to finish my lizardman campaign in Total War: Warhammer and then continue playing Visage.

Oct 02, 18 at 11:02pm

Keeping in line with the season, its time for some horror games. Tonight I'm playing a game in early access called Visage.

Join me at

Also follow my twitter at @MidasAlchem

Sep 27, 18 at 11:03pm

Change of plans. I'm going to play blood borne! Will take a bit.

Sep 27, 18 at 10:31pm

Hey guys, I'll be streaming Heroes of the Storm on twitch in about half an hour.

Sep 25, 18 at 10:47pm

Hey guys! Tonight I'm streaming a new game of Minecraft: Story Mode on twitch, in about 25 minutes. Join me as I explore the Minecraft universe as Patton Oswalt!

Sep 22, 18 at 11:00pm

Going live on twitch in about 15 minutes. Tonight I'm playing more Dead by Daylight. Join me at

Also if anyone wants to join me for some survivor runs hit me up on steam, same username!

Sep 20, 18 at 10:49pm

Going live in a few minutes on twitch. Going to be running some Mythic+ dungeons with a friend from work and probably do some other things on WoW.

Join me at :3

Sep 17, 18 at 10:42pm

Hey guys, I'm streaming Shadow of the Tomb Raider on twitch in about 15 minutes. Feel free to drop by and hang out. :3

MidastheAlchemist Delay on stream until I can figure out an issue.
MidastheAlchemist No stream tonight. I'm have an issue I need more time to solve.
Sep 11, 18 at 10:45pm

Tonight I'm going to be streaming Dead Frontier 2. Its an early access survival horror multiplayer game. I just found out about it, but its got good reviews and its only been out for 5 days.

Not related to the hurricane stream. Stream starts in 15 minutes.