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Chocopyro @chocopyro commented on Vent
Mar 18, 23 at 9:56pm
@meisterman1985 I try to tell people that the way of christ is to absolve the ego, and in that sense, I still am a follower of christ, even if not a christian. So uh, thanks for posting that. That said, I'm anti dogmatic, and I don't see how doing the right thing or even the wrong thing for the right reason constitutes you as a narcisist. Seems like the people who are quickest to label people are also the slowest to try to understand them. As someone who has a lot of Narcissists and literal sociopaths in my life, there's a difference between being egoic (or just stuck in your head) and self obsessed. I've never gotten that vibe from you. And here's a little secret. When you commit yourself to service for others, that means you have a responsibility to speak up about your own needs. One thing that kind people honestly suck at is letting the world know when something bothers them until it's too late. People are more than their labels, and ignorant people will always slap labels onto those that they do not want to understand. Ironically, that's something narcissists are prone to doing. We're more than our labels.
@chocopyro Label or no label, people would still question and/or look down upon you and treat you to be like "everyone". Coworker: "You're not autistic! No! Don't even use INFJ! You're a narcissist! You're you!" https://i.imgur.com/LzvMgSm.png Some people say he just didn't get it, due to being close-minded in a rural area working like the Tennessee Ernie Ford song "16 Tons", while others laughed at what he said. I felt The Lord sent me there on a mission to save the rural area from the pandemic. I refused to get vaccinated for COVID-19 because if society hates both Autism and COVID-19, then I'll let God decide whether I deserve to rest in peace by COVID-19 or not.
yaasshat @yaasshat commented on Vent
Mar 18, 23 at 11:05pm
Ehhhh... My argument against that is, if there's a God, it made us smart enough and gave us the tools to use to survive in life. I could ask my parents for help or use the wisdom and lessons taught, it's sorta like that. One is hand holding and the other is showing that you've learned and are willing to strive to survive with the wisdom gained. To each their own, just don't cough on my kids and be confused when I get pissed.
One of my uncles said "everyone" lives with a disability. My father said I'm not disabled. Major Payne is a good example of an unlabeled ableist. "Sir, you need to stand up for the national anthem!" "But I have no legs!" "That's not an excuse!" https://youtu.be/9s3NZaLhcc4 Another one of my uncles said most people rather have revenge than justice. https://youtu.be/f5x1RyJOwP8 My father and stepmother considered me irresponsible and immature. https://youtu.be/ogLX2heol5E Being lonely is less stressful than wasting your time and energy around people that make you feel lonely enough to build suicidal thoughts. Neurotypicals are so damn dismissive and hurtful overusing the words "everyone" and "everybody" to consider the true supporters that ask, "How can I help you?" dumber. https://youtu.be/PdSUHbQn7ZY
Chocopyro @chocopyro commented on Vent
Mar 19, 23 at 12:02pm
@meisterman1985 Yeah, that's what it looks like. The inability to change the box that they slap on you after they've committed to it. It's a control mechanism used to avoid thinking. I'm a social hermit myself, can't argue with the last point. After Geoff died, I just got tired of how pretentious people were, and it kinda sickened me into self isolation. I still feel that way, but that did damage me in ways I am having trouble addressing. Honestly though, going off of what I know about god (I swing towards deistic based on personal experience), and having a methodist upbringing still bouncing around in my psyche, I don't think anyone should ever leave their fate to god. On that topic, I do lean towards agreeing with Yaasshat. To paraphrase, god helps those who help themselves. So always prioritize survival. If it looks bad, get out of there before you become a martyr. Especially if you don't have allies. The victors will always try to write history after all. Now that said, there is something that you said that rings with stuff I've come across in esoteric occult beliefs about god, and it begs me to ask with utmost earnest curiosity and without sarcasm. Not as a skeptic or a believer. But as an agnostic INFP with let's say a vested interest in learning about divinity. How do you know you were chosen by god? What leads you to think that's the case?
Sobo275 @sobo275 commented on Vent
Mar 19, 23 at 12:19pm
Saint Patrick's day fuckin sucked this year
Mar 19, 23 at 1:28pm
Wait it was Saint Patrick's day?
yaasshat @yaasshat commented on Vent
Mar 19, 23 at 1:40pm
Wik @wik commented on Vent
Mar 26, 23 at 11:09pm
If there's one thing I hate about conventions, it's that it has to end. Real life sucks.
gunruk @gunruk commented on Vent
Mar 27, 23 at 3:50am
Aye but sometimes that's the best part of them tho.
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