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Sep 03, 23 at 7:52am
So jealous! I'm afraid that if I did I would attempt to "liberate" it lol
They are pretty awesome! mater of a fact I have got to touch one before!
Jul 15, 23 at 6:40pm
Very much agree but I don't think the second season would have hooked as well as the first did. So maybe a slightly out of order telling is ok.
I am thoroughly enjoying the start of the second season. I feel like the plot is being shown out of order though. As in I think Season 2 should be the start of the series with the movie acting as a bridge to Season 1. But that's just me! What's y'all's take? The art and animation appears more detailed too. https://www.egames.news/__export/1663453017560/sites/debate/img/2022/09/17/toho-_jujutsu_kaisen_anuncio2_1.jpg_976912859.jpg
Jul 06, 23 at 8:48pm
It would seem that most people whom I have showed romantic interest in have had similar feelings. It is perfectly understandable to feel as such and that's why I bring it up a bit early during the courting process. Like hey this is the very worst part of my past, can you look beyond this because I rather not waste yours or my time.
As someone who is studying and working on the legal side, it is a no for me. Applicable to all crimes. Big or not, a crime is a crime. It’s a long list of why’s. But here are a few - it’s scary on my part, I’d always prolly see the “danger” in it. It will prolly affect my mental health as it will trigger many emotions being with someone who committed a crime. It will take time to adjust before my family is going to accept and understand the other person, and as someone who is family oriented I do not want to go so much hassle and explaining. I also do not want my partner to be affected by that. I also do not want to go much adjusting to the society. I know it should not matter what others say, but I am easily affected and swayed still by the opinion of many. And we all know what people have to say once they hear stories about someone with records. Etc. Etc. But then again, this is just my own preference. We all differ. Also, love is love. Once you find the right person, or once you are found by that person, love is all that will matter. No past issues can change your minds, and no future challenges can tear you apart.
lewd_araragi @lewd_araragi Lei don't no one in cuffs, unless she put's them on herself XD
DELETED_USER @amarantha Im a vanilla baby. No extremes. *wink HAHAHA
DELETED_USER @amarantha Salute for being honest and open. I hope you find someone who will truly accept everything about you. Rooting for you! ♡( ◡‿◡ )
Sep 22, 23 at 6:31am
Well not now lol
Sep 20, 23 at 3:54am
Lol I thought it was just me.