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spy x family

Jan 02, 23 at 11:20pm
Damn... I need a series that can make 20 minutes of hell on an elliptical not feel like 20 hours xD Bleach TYBW was perfect for that!
Jan 02, 23 at 11:34pm
space cadet @bob_loblaw. Yeah, I love how intense it is.
https://i.redd.it/cu02b4cvxxf91.jpg https://media.tenor.com/q27hH6jrckoAAAAd/yor-forger-loid-forger.gif https://media.tenor.com/FYiJT9urQ50AAAAd/spy-x-family-loid-forger.gif https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/002/367/015/ef9.gif @bob_loblaw does this change your mind?
"Best offense is a good defense" kick a car off the road but that man stayed on the defense, until she done dumbed
Jan 04, 23 at 12:23am
All I see is Yukiko from Persona 4...
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