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spy x family

Yor and Loyd look super cute together, it's sweet how she does her best. No manga spoilers, but I think the story progression is a little slow but it's very nice to read despite it. I like Henderson the most tho because he seems like the kind of teacher I'd want guiding me in school, and I would've appreciated a teacher like him ( ' ')b https://64.media.tumblr.com/0e14ce63ac07384f543c560d29478823/02325e4c024b6e14-e1/s540x810/4f8e293ed96790c4e88c6cfd1690f448336d24f2.gif
Jul 09, 22 at 10:13am
https://c.tenor.com/xlR5vxCJh-0AAAAd/anya-end-of-the-world.gif Every.day.
I read the manga and when the anime is done airing imma marathon thru it UWU. I think its almost time... OWO... still alot to prepare. I love that family. BERY BERY ELEGANT!!!!
Jul 21, 22 at 1:28am
Currently watching the Anime I gotta say I LIKE IT.
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