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Anime is allmost dead western side


Ok there i finally found 2 vids that match up. Basically we have 2 voice actors playing a crazed cultist. Side by side comparison sort of.



I agree that the English dub of Re: Zero is bad because the timing is way off for most of the dialogue's delivery.

Also, the English voice of Subaru's performance uses a different nickname for Emilia that's 10x more annoying.

Instead of calling her Emilia-tan the English version utilizes the name "Mili" in a whiny kid voice that drives me mad.


I could have slept well tonight not knowing that dub existed. Now I'm gonna be up thinking about how people's impression and first experience of re:zero is going to be influenced by.... that.



That wasn't too bad in my opinion, that specific scene though I will mention first off I'm very easy to please but also I did find it a little odd and unpleasant how at the beginning of the scene there was a clear and unnecessary difference in the way he spoke, the inflection to be more specific and that was kind of jarring.

I'm at work at the moment so I don't really have the freedom to try and find any clips. I don't think I could find the Bubblegum Crisis because like I said I think there's more than one and I don't remember which one it was but my issue with the kanokon dub(which I'll try to find later if I remember) is that a number of the characters don't even feel like they had the right actors chosen, one girl who's supposed to come off as a high school girl sounds old enough to be one of the teachers and a the same issue pops up with a few of the other students and some of the students sound like they would have been a better fit if the voice actors switched with each other.

Actually this reminds me of how the dub of Gundam Wing was pretty bad in some areas as well but I'm just going to believe that some of the English dub was new to their jobs at that point but also the animation was pretty bad at some points too.(I'm looking at you death scene of quatre's father).


That being said I don't envy someone who's job is to dub. It has to be rough to even attempt to reproduce the same effect when the visuals are to the cadence of another language. This is especially true with such exaggerated character personalities and tics. Re:zero is chalked full of these kinds of things.


The English dub of the Re: Zero video game exassurbates the odd choice of nicknames in a much more obvious way. It's rare I switch to Japanese while playing any game, even Genshin Impact I don't mind in English, but something about Re: Zero is in particular something awful!

And what they did to Ros-chi is unforgivable...


@umi_nezumi there is actually a job that basically writes a script for dub actors. Just watch the dub VA for ash from pokemon. The anime is always in japanese keep in mind. They basically have to swap words to lip sinc but some dubs just straight out go line for line. Its an art honestly to lip sinc another language while getting the story across


The dub for kadomon Risch @1:56 is actually quite good imo.
It didn't matter what they did with Puck. I was doomed to be disappointed.
Beatrice seems almost there at moments.
Lol felix. I need a longer clip. I can't tell if it's amazing or not

I don't get whey they literally translated the Japanese Giongo. That's doesn't even make sense.

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