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Anime is allmost dead western side


You know... I never watched Pokemon sub. Maybe I'll put Gintama on hold and watch the first season of Pokemon with original VA.



Because you asked.


Huh... Passes in my book. Spot on at moments, and only slightly off at others. The VA seems at least invested in the character. Of all the things though it confounds me that this was decently preserved.


You can just skim through any point in time and hear how bad this dub is. Also I was going to mention this earlier but I forgot since I was distracted at work as it was but in terms of a dub changing the dialogue of a show small changes are fine with me but the large changes are annoying and I would have to say that the absolute worst offender I have ever come across is a show called those who hunt elves. After watching that with the subtitles on at the same time especially with one specific episode I can understand why some people would hate English dubs as much as they do. There's one episode where the entire plot and I'm not kidding, the entire plot of the episode is literally changed and almost every single word if not every single word is changed. I didn't hate this show or the English version of it but I was completely amazed at the fact that they would have the audacity to change so much of the dialogue not to mention one entire plot episode. That being said I do have to give props where they are due and it can't have been easy to change the entire plot of an episode without altering episode visually itself so even though that's pretty ballsy of them they actually did a pretty good job.


I dont touch anything english dubbed or localized


zem @umi_nezumi
I've had before...It's was very different compared to the English dubbing.
Only i've had seen Kanto,Sinnoh and Unova also Kalos anime back in the day used to watch them every Thursday good times.


@hibarisan I'm only a few episodes in. So far the difference kind of reminds me of how I felt about megaman vs. rockman. It definitely has a different feel to it.



I still stand by what I said here. The only thing I could potentially see coming from this is that localizations will be
even more common place while making it a lot harder for more accurate translations to exist since most are already not "official."



I took a look at what you said and you do make a point though there are also many dubs out there that change very little(I know since I prefer dub with sub on at the same time) so it's not exactly as clear cut as you put it either. Now to be fair with funimation doing what it's doing now what you said may be truer very soon.


In the United States we have Funicrunch, Sentai's HiDive, and Netflix, so we don't really have a monopoly; triopoly sure. Then you have random shows stuck in Prime jail.

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