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Anime is allmost dead western side


I feel like Netflix is a fledgling in the anime world though tbh. Especially since it super rarely releases anime for home ownership unlike funimation and sentai.


Im ok with prime having anime exclusives because unlike netflix they dont fuck it up. Is it unfair for people to have to subscribe to see anime on amazon prime video? Yeah but pretty much everyone has prime nowadays. I dont want netflix or hulu owning exclusives they are mainly just in it for the money. While amazon has been pretty spot on with exclusivity. They even have evangelion on there. I just dont want western politics injected into anime so i hope the creators over there stand strong. Once they let the wrstern states into anime its all over.


Something that I find kind of shady is how Western anime companies are now starting to re-release anime shows and movies that were already released only a few years ago or at the very least still being sold a few years ago, sometimes on sale and there are no new features and even the artwork doesn't really seem that different around half the time but the pre-order price is that of a new release.

Nakaimo and a letter to momo are 2 examples.


It's the same thing that is happening with games, right? HD, remastered, and friends. Very rarely do they actually put an honest amount of effort into it. They'd rather just sell you the same thing every couple of years once technology has moved on a bit.


Sometimes I don't mind all that much with games, though I agree it happens allot, because it allows you to continue to enjoy games you may have enjoyed on previous systems and at least they are usually up front about the fact that they are just selling you a previously sold product unlike these anime re-releases but your comment also reminds me that's basically what the movie industry is like right now too :/

Like seriously how many times have we restarted Spider-Man by this point in a short time span?


When something popular pops up, new rules and regulations control them. Thank them social norms that define humanity.

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