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Anime is allmost dead western side


This thread is several days old but MAN why is it people have forgotten how incredibly bad dubbed Anime used to be before it got mainstream? I'm not trying to sound like a jerk here when I say this it's just I see people throw out the "HOLLYWOOD WANTS TO CONTROL IT THING" but like nah they don't have any direct influence on that and has everyone forgotten how straight up bad it was in the 90s and early 2000s when Hollywood DID have an actual influence on it because they wanted to change everything for a mainstream American audience who they believed couldn't stand anything remotely Japanese and they wouldn't go as far as basic localizations but straight up alter the plot in significant ways and censor things much more heavily than boob edits or whatever? LIke damn i still remember getting really pissed off when I saw the 4kidz onepiece dub for the first time when it aired as I saw the subbed version prior but then I turn on the TV that terrible saturday morning and all the guns have been changed to squirt guns, all the booze has been changed to like soda or something IIRC, the music's been changed for some dumb reason, the voice actors sound... not good and now people smoking lollipops or something and oh my god....

So I say if a major company wants to buy out the distribution of anime stuff and release that stuff as is without many significant changes other than a localization or translation thing here or there, go right ahead


Dubs are still bad.

The english voice actors sound so cringey. Especially the women they sound like they are just speaking into the mic. And its rinse and repeat between the same voice actors. The only 2 dubs i like are angel beats and soul eater. Everything else sucks azz. Western VA show zero emotion. Or rarely ever get into character. I might try to back this up later with actual side by side comparison.

But i feel with anime becoming westernized its just gonna decrease in quality. I mean look at crunchyroll original anime and how bad they are. Im not talking anime they made from manga but like literal originals they are so fucking bad. American comics are being outperformed by manga. If western cultures dip into japan they might bring their woke politics. Look at miss kobayashi for example. Count how many characters are big boobed and thicc. We had people complaining prior to the release that illulu should have had her boob size reduced because she looks like a child and is sexualized cuz she has big boobs.

Funimation has a seat at these anime productionz so if we get SJW like the ones who made high guardian spice in crunchyroll sitting at funimation meetings then it could be bad.


I've not seen a dub in a long time. I can't really comment on the quality now vs then. The English voices never seemed even remotely as invested in the role to me. Perhaps that's because being a voice actor isn't that big of a deal in other parts of the world. I'm probably so acclimated to Japanese media at this point that I'm likely to prefer it even if the English version was acceptable.


Me not being able to multitask and be able to focus on the sound of Japanese voices while reading so what they sound like in Japanese is pretty much irrelevant to me.

I'm a mutt anyway. I'm perfectly happy with Dubs 95% of the time but if possible I will have dub and Sub on at the same time which usually means that I have to purchase what I watch but that is becoming more difficult because nowadays more and more shows seem to release their products with only the option to watch it in dub or sub and not Dub with the subtitles on which is rather disappointing.


That being said though I'm not really all that comfortable with FUNimation and Crunchyroll pairing up and being the main suppliers of anime in the United States because of all the censoring including alterations of the subtitles themselves that I heard in their products. I'm not surprised with a little changes to the dub for this reason or that and sometimes terrible reasons at that but once you start messing with subtitles that's really screwed up because then you have no option to enjoy the product with its original ideas intact.


Goku in Japanese. HELL NAH, Duck dat shit. Some Japanese voices are too high pitch and are like nails on a chalkboard. Dub army fo life


A lot of people who have only heard DBZ in dub would have their jaws dropping if they heard a couple of the characters from DBZ in sub lol.


I'll begrudgingly agree with A1eph to a limited extent. I can't take Japanese Goku seriously. There are some dubs I prefer over the sub (DBZ being one of them), even if not, I don't mind most dubs, though most times I prefer to watch things in the original Japanese. On the flipside, the dub of Goblin Slayer was one of the worst I ever heard.


I think the worst dub I've ever heard would be either Bubblegum Crisis, I think there's more than one and I don't remember which one it was, but there was just something that didn't sound right, it almost sounded like there was background issues with the audio in general as well and the other one for top contender would be kanokon.


@umi_nezumi @animekid @hell_hound7 @arcfire90

Final Fantasy Unlimited is the worst recorded dub and Japanese animation by far. I challenge everyone here to find me a dub that is worse.

If it's even just a show with missed lines of dialogue, it's still better than FF Unlimited, haha!

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