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What's a anime/manga you read/watched that not not many people know about?


Mononoke. The art style and animation of this anime is different than others. Its a hidden gem. Very Underrated.


Now here is a real obscure one, Magical Taruruuto-kun. It's pretty much Doraemon if he were a young wizard, even down to the love of takayuki. He helps our main hero get with the girl of his dreams with many magical inventions under his disposal. Sometimes helping or even backfiring.

Unfortunately, there is no translation for the anime as I am watching the entire anime raw with no subs. The physical gags and comedy still makes up for it despite not knowing what the characters say as this is a shonen gag series. It was also created by the man behind Golden Boy, hence why the teacher looks too close to feeling like she would fit in the former.



its about a chuunibyou with no friends that wants to kill everyone

but because hes a chuunibyou he doesnt really want to kill anyone, hes just dramatic

anyways he ends up falling in love with a cute popular girl who herself is an oddball

its very cute and really funny (by the same mangaka as Mitsudomoe, which is also super funny)

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