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What's a anime/manga you read/watched that not not many people know about?


just finished this manga, its super short but very sweet

Boku Ga Watashi Ni Naru Tame Ni, or in english
In order for me to be me

its a short manga chronicling the mangaka's real life experience in having sex reassignment surgery, along with the legal and social activies around the experience

really interesting, definitely recommend


Anonymous noise - it wasn't that good but for some reason I remember it up today and it was one of my first anime~


Pumpkin Night is a manga that I actually enjoyed.


The gamer!!!

It’s a bit over the top and still finds ways to keep going into nonsense territory, but it’s enjoyable because MMO


FATE/Extra CCC Foxtail:

I pretty much clarified that I'm a crazy fan of FATE Franchise. This manga isn't well-known, but I still enjoyed it.


Foxtail is real nice (and at times, trippy), especially when you compare it to the story from CCC. I like how it showcases the other Alteregos.

It only started fairly recently, but Fate/Type Redline is a series I'm digging so far too. It's artstyle is gorgeous.


Devil's Line. I was trying to add it last night but it gave me an error. Arc didn't care for it, but I enjoyed it. Has lots of sexual tension and actually goes further into that realm than any other anime I have seen. Like Code Geass had a masturbation scene in it, that might be the closest thing. Ultimately, might be better for the female community. It was good though.


most of the stuff i read and watch is obscure to the average con dweller since i watch seasonal anime. One i rarely hear talked about tho is "Lucifer and biscuit hammer". It'll never get an anime because its too good :<


Deltora quest. This is one of the first animes I watched and no one knows about it. only me. I highly recommend it.

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