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standino98 commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 5:17pm

If emotion dictates more than reason to them, It's easy to see how they'd be willing to drag others down with them, unfortunately.

GDMH39 [Lei's] commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 5:19pm

yeah thats the sad thing about humans their settings on the EQ is way too high... and if it's higher than their IQ well then they gonna fukk some shit up..

Panda-kun™ commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 6:27pm

Not saying what the arson thought is right or that this would be his thinking behind it. But imagine you worked so ard for something and this was your final moment to shine. Then someone steals it from you, the reason he probably didnt just go after the one person instead of the whole group could be a couple of reasons.

1. He wanted to start the fire and scare people, but didnt intend for it to kill everyone

2. Everyone there knew the work was his and didnt do anything to stop it from getting stolen

3. A group of People were all forcing work on him/bullying him at work and the stealing his work pushed him over the edge

4. Or he was just blinded by rage and wanted to kill everyone without actually thinking about his actions

Lamby commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 6:28pm

then quit

thats no excuse to kill 33 innocent people :/

working in japan sucks as a whole, him being treated like shit isnt an excuse to murder

should this be a way to speak on the working conditions? sure, but it just sounds like your using it as an excuse to why he did it

丸喜 拓人 commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 6:37pm

I mean, the overall culture of Japan can be mentally damaging because of things like whole "meiwaku" culture. I could very well see this dude having his work stolen, discredited, and thrown to the curb and nobody sticks up for him and just lets him lose everything because nobody wants to stick out and cause trouble (meiwaku) for other people in the larger group. It's a double edged sword honestly, because on one end it promotes a very thoughtful and community oriented populace but on the other hand, when someone needs to actually stick up for what's right but knows it might make waves, they don't want to out of fear of causing trouble

Enki轩辕 commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 6:39pm

We talked about it shortly after it happened in the thread Random Thoughts.Homepage of my domestic anime site became black and white shortly after getting the news about that...*Sighs..I bet that culprit shouted out "You ripped it off" just as an excuse..That anime studio is probably one of the most well-known anime studios, so a few mentally sick people may hate it for no clear reasons...Anime fans across the world care about its situation and donate money to it actively!That's awesome.

Enki轩辕 commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 6:44pm

Yeah..The collectivism...人に迷惑をかけないようにしてください!I do wish people understand this!

Dat Boi [FALLEN] commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 7:40pm

Rest in peace everyone involved.

Komi Anime When? commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 7:55pm

Saw it this morning. So sad, KyoAni is a legendary studio. My heart goes out to those lost, and the equal amount who were injured. What a shame too, since many of their recent works have been astounding, like the days of old. And I guess there won't be a second season of Kobayashi, will there...

meisterman1985 commented on KyoAnime
Jul 19, 19 at 3:33am

In 2011, I was working on Know Your Meme and discovered Nichijou MADs on Nico Nico Douga and gained interest in Kyoto Animation as well as being more an otaku than before.

I prayed for KyoAni staff and their loved ones.

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