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Lamby commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 3:19pm

@gdmh omg
well, hes in heaven now with all the the dragon girl of his choice

standino98 commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 3:27pm

I've heard from a couple different people that a lot of the work from between I think 2007 and 2016 got destroyed, haven't seen any proper confirmation though. But yeah, all the different characters and stories and people from this place gone so quickly.......

Jul 18, 19 at 3:29pm

chuunibyou... k-on... ohno nichijou... fumofu QwQ noooo it's getting worse this day is absolute shittt.... at least they saved violet evergarden

standino98 commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 3:34pm

I've really been hoping they're wrong about it....

Panda-kun ™ commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 3:38pm

Why are people talking about kyoani like its dead or something? The studio could get revived, if neighboring studios pitch in and help/the founders are still around they could very well start it back up once everything is settled. What you should be sorry for are the people who actually died. Animators are a dime a dozen anyone can make anime not everyone can come back to life. Rest in peace to those who died in the fire and may that arsonist burn in hell.


I'm not a huge fan of kyoani but yeah this whole situation is a shame, doesn't help that many of those animators were more than likely overworked and could have easily been replaced at anytime and then this is what they get ultimately? killed by some dude that's angry with the studio? To be honest I'm wondering what's the story behind the arsonist too because they said that eyewitnesses overheard him screaming "you copied it" and "you ripped me off"

eternallunar1 commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 4:56pm

Well, the Go Fund me campaign that's happening should help Kyoto Animations for sure. There's millions of fans who have been fond of the anime that they produced. And it's true that there are plenty of talented animators that could fill in the broken pieces. It's just really sad that someone could do such a thing. Even if it might've been true that someone's work was stolen, this wasn't the answer.. Lots of innocent people suffered in the end.

Jul 18, 19 at 5:03pm

@panda ofc I'm srsly sad about the ppls death but bcs I already talked about how I feeled about the 33 dead ppl and the 36 ppl injured in the random throughts thread I didn't want to write it again on here and just started to get sad about the productions and material that was lost in the fire... ofc humans life are more precious cause mats can always be retrieved... It's a shame that anyone throught hey arson is a good idea let's pull in innocent ppls into this... I srsly don't care what the culprit has to say in his defense...
Tho I'm not a huge fan of any anime studios cause all of them over time has given me good and bad animes just the time spend with their animes is already worth it to care about all those studios...

Lamby commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 5:05pm

apparently theres 33 people who are confirmed dead and over 30 injured

an arsonist is who started this

how awful

Jul 18, 19 at 5:13pm

appearently the arsonist got screwed by them which leads him to arson the whole studio... but srsly if it's the case why you not go in or ambush the chief/ the person in charge... why would you pull that many innocents ppl into this... this is what still grinds my gear....

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