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Jul 18, 19 at 10:17am

So I'm not sure if people are avoiding discussing it here (which is very reasonable), or have just missed the news, but the current news about the KyoAnime fire that broke out earlier today is very sad, and anybody looking for more information from a reliable source can look here.

melk commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 10:58am

When I heard about this..

Jul 18, 19 at 11:01am

Oh ... We already started a discussion in the random throught chats.. yeah...
but yes more love for kyoani :3

standino98 commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 11:03am

Ah didn't see that, I'll keep an eye in there then.

eternallunar1 commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 12:14pm

Oh wow. I had not heard of this until now. Man this is really disheartening.... I honestly liked some of Kyoto animation's work.

Whisp commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 1:49pm

feels bad

Lamby commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 3:13pm

Kyoani has given me so many happy moments watching their gorgeous animes
thots and preyers
(seriously, i really hope everything is alright. hopefully everyone is safe and nothing important has been destroyed)

Thank you Kyoani, for all the fictional characters you've made me fall in love with


I just heard from fran chouchou dat director of maid dragon passed away too.... so yeah today is a pretty shitty day for me... it started out as a good one tho QwQ

Lamby commented on KyoAnime
Jul 18, 19 at 3:16pm

quickly id also like to thank Kyoani for not only giving us adorable girls, but also attractive men

not many studios are willing to stray from the moemoe, specially when they are so talented at it, but Kyoani did it
and they did it wonderfully


just kyoani for beautiful scenerys ans slice of life animes... and chuunibyou and k-on Ohhh my oh mmyyyy QwQ I hope nothing of the original stuff got burned down I hope they have em in a save place QwQ
Oh yeah dat was a really good anime too damnnn...

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