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Physical part of a woman you first look at to decide if you can date her.

MaiOtaku Forums > Relationship Advice > Physical part of a woman you first look at to decide if you can date her.

I personally look at there face, everything else is meaningless to me. The personality also counts a lot, but in this case I truely decide first, by admiring their facial beauty, then i figure out her personality. :)

Aug 08, 16 at 3:56pm

Well ain't you cringey ;) I look at the figure first I prefer someone smaller than me, as it makes them so cute :3 Also have to be fairly in shape nothing stupid just not obese, I'm all for personality over looks but there's a limit, no excuse for not looking after yourself :)


Her eyes. Also I somewhat agree with @Ryachi.
I mostly rather like her personality than looks though, long as she is herself and not pretending to be something else.


You guys make me sound as if I prefer looks than personality xd. Let me clear this out...The looks is just the FIRST impression, I obviously care more about her personality. ;)

BTW, height doesn´t count as a physical part. :P In that case it would be that you look at their belly first. lol

Aug 08, 16 at 7:11pm

Eyes and smile.

That's pretty basic in my book so if they ain't got that then I move on.


It's all in how they dress. Says a lot about the person and tells me everything I need to know.

Lately though I've been paying a bit more attention to arms and checking if they have any tats. They're getting to be common and it's an automatic deal breaker for me.


neet only for the innocent virginal maidens, no "bad" girls for him.


Nothing wrong with that, but from my experience, a lot of girls who seem more corrupt at first end up being more pure and empathic towards others. Not sure how anyone else defines it, but I regard innocence and purity as two different things. Innocence being one's exposure to the world, and purity being how compromised someone has become to the world. While innocence can be taken away (Not a bad thing, that's just growing up) purity is more like a glass window that can be dirtied and cleaned again, by reconnecting with your inner child. Hell, I'd say I'm an example of that, if I dare say so myself. :D
-hides inflated ego behind himself-

Tatoos and nose/lip piercings are kind of a turn off for me as well, but not quite a deal breaker. I don't think it says too much about who they are, I just have never seen them as appealing. But I digress, back to the topic, perhaps the first thing I look at in terms of physical features is (seconding Yuusaku Godai here) dose eyes and dat smile. A genuine smile, conveys so much about a person's way of living, and real smiles are hard to fake. And the eyes? Its not about how they're shaped, what color they are, or any of that. If there's just a certain gleam in them, that's how you can tell if a girl is truly alive, and not just a caffeinated zombie running on four hours of sleep, and just trying to survive the day. Granted, nothing is wrong with zombies. We're Otaku. We tend to slip into that. To me, thats about neutral. Inspired girls just seem to glow brighter though. I can't deny that.

That said, looks only get you so far with me. The personality is the cream filling. I need to really click with someone to truly feel attracted to them.


I'm going to be honest and say weight. I've mentioned if before, but my one rule of thumb is a girl can't weigh much more than myself. I weigh 180.

That being said, I don't need to date 110lb size 4 super model. I've seen plenty of "curvier" girls who weigh 160 or more that I would live to date. Obviously height, genetics, health issues can play a roll.

Im always a firm believer in the adage, it's hard to be in a relationship with someone you're not attracted to. Superficiality aside (which I feel most people have to some degree whether they really want to admit it or not), once you start getting north of 200lbs, it's just not very attractive on women imo.


The first thing I see when I look at anyone is their eyes. I love eyes that shine when they smile :)

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