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What traits are you drawn to from the opposite sex?

I'm not talking about physical traits, but personality-wise. I'm also not looking for a generic answer like 'oh, someone like me'. What do you go for? For me, I have a soft spot for kind girls. The kind who puts others before herself and wants everyone to be happy.
I like a tough girl with attitude. The kind that don't mind to say what she thinks or aren't afraid to kick someone's ass.
Somewhat similar sense of humor is important to me.
^I seriously wish no girl is like you.
do you like me or something? is that why you're constantly following me around threads and insulting me?
Lol no donnie lmao hahahaba
then please back off kthx
Femininity, humbleness, good natured, some maturity (but having an inner child is fine), self-control, and intelligence. That said there's also something appealing about someone like minded with the same kinda interests. Like being a nerdy weird NEET/hikki depressive loner who's socially awkward. I also find the idea of someone being as equality inexperienced with these matters appealing. Also the concept of clingy obsessive types as they seem the most trust worthy.
A great attitude, confidence in themselves for who they are, strong-willed, feminine, kind and caring, understanding, sweet, have a good sense of humour, sociable. So yeah I do have a real soft spot for the girls who are kind and bubbly and want to make others and themselves happy whenever they can. Although I do like traits from the shy and mysterious girls as well.
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