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Sex or cuddles?

Oct 07, 14 at 11:14am
Which of them would you prefer the most in a relationship? In my case it's option 2!
Cuddles that maybe lead up to sex?
Both, I feel cuddles are a great way to bond and I feel it's important to be on the same page sexually. If I had a season of my favorite anime(s) for every time a relationship ended because we didn't like the same things in bed, I'd be watching digimon a lot more.
lol darkcharmander cuddles that lead to sex
Well ive never gotten that far, but i guess i prefer both. I want to be strongly connected to my partner.
can it be an object or food besides a him/her? lol
Oct 07, 14 at 1:27pm
Cuddling is like a good thing right I wouldnt know because I never had a gf lol (damn I suck)
Oct 07, 14 at 2:13pm
I get the cuddles,but I'd settle for sex... It's funny how many say they like to cuddle. Be with someone who constantly wants to cuddle and it loses it's appel. Same goes for sex, there has to be a balance and it has to be done for the right reasons. It's like saying "I love you" all the time...
Oct 07, 14 at 10:35pm
^ Agree with Yaasshat, balance is needed or it just doesnt even matter anymore :l
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