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38 year old Male
Last online about 9 years ago
San Jose, Costa Rica
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Demy @nekonyandemy left a comment for maukun
Nov 20, 14 at 8:14am
Hello : 3
yoite @yoite left a comment for maukun
Oct 22, 14 at 6:19pm
Hello sir. I know quite a bit about your country. Costa Rica has much to offer the world.
I still look a little young despite my age (I'm 29), however sometimes I see wrinkles under my eyes, I have dimples in my face and my cheekbones are starting to look prominent XP Would you date someone with that look? Have you ever dated someone who looked aged?
That's awesome! My favorite idol is Riina, She's so cool, she has a very cool rocking style and I recently listened to one of her songs and I loved her voice.