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Otaku Speed Dating At Bishie Con

We held our first ever Speed Dating event at Bishie Con this weekend! Over thirty people came, each having the chance to be paired with eight other Otaku that they might be interested in. Overall, the event was a smashing success.

It took us roughly twenty minutes (longer than we hoped) to pair everyone and ensure that everyone had a matchable pair for all eight rounds, so I might need to develop a computer program to do this for us. However we then coordinated all eight rounds, serving drinks and snacks during every round. Overall, the people who came were very outgoing and made lots of new friends easily. We will be getting back to the people who filled out their forms as soon as we have the chance.
this sounds pretty cool ill have to try some time. :)
Mar 16, 10 at 7:23am
Id love to do this some time :) how do i join a speed dating anime con group
This is very interesting I like this Idea... I'm gonna change it up and make it my own Con speed dating. lol yes... I can see the fun already.
I was on staff for that con and it seemed pretty cool that yall were doing that.
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