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New MaiOtaku Tour and Features

We've created a tour page, showing off the many features of MaiOtaku. It's kind of fun to see them all on one page: personality matching, profiles, comments, private messages, convention matching, distance matching, photos and photo galleries. There is even more planned, starting with finishing the convention features. We think it should be really exciting to be matched with someone who you might actually meet at a convention.

Also on the agenda are improvements to site speed. Things are pretty constant, and won't get slower if more people use the site, but there are still a few pages that are slow (it takes 2-3 seconds for each of your matching pages to render). We plan to keep these matches in the database and only calculate them twice a day, instead of calculating your matches every time you visit the matching listings. This should bring about an 80% improvement to those pages.

Lastly we have introduced our super-alpha forums. These will let us see what features we're going to need most, and let us have something to start with.

Special thanks to all the users who have signed up lately, we've grown a ton this past week thanks to a few well-placed articles. Thank you to everyone for creating such an inclusive community!
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