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OtakuMatch (TM) Updated!

MaiOtaku Blog
Now that there are over 200 hundred members we can properly test all the wonderful tweaks to OtakuMatch that we have been itching to implement - and now they're live! Our proprietary matching should be the best way to match you with single anime fans or single Otaku based on your interests, and now it takes even more into account automatically!

First, the system now properly accounts for your 'Looking For' status. Women looking for women will now only see women who are also looking for women or have no preference. Same with males (I can already hear fangirls talking Yaoi).

Next, ages have finally been taken into account in our anime dating matching. It's not as effective as we will make it eventually, but it's simple enough for now. Your matchscore goes up the closer your ages are, although it's really kind of a small factor right now.

Also, your matches are now factored by state! It's not very good, yet, because we don't actually do a 'distance' factor, but if you live in the same state you get a nice match bonus with that person! Rankings have been further tweaked in other areas, and you should see more clear differences in your matches. Have fun, and thanks for being here!
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