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Activity Feed

I realized that I made one of MaiOtaku’s core features all wrong! Silly me. The recent friend activity feed sends a feed-message to everyone on your friends list when you take a feedable action. But is that really necessary? It gives each friend the ability to delete something they see in their feed, but that’s a lot of extra messages for what could be one message in the database. This is what Facebook and Twitter does, which is exactly what I should have realized. Each user should have an activity feed of what THEY are doing, and when you view your friends’ feed (like what’s on the homepage), it should aggregate all of your friend’s activity feeds. Now to figure out how to optimize it for people like me with a ton of friends.

Sephiroth @sephiroth left a comment for Activity Feed
Sep 22, 09 at 2:26am
Exactly, hopefully I'll keep getting work done!
Hey no one's perfect. Sometimes we make mistakes here and there. And every once in a while you have to tweak something you're working on. Either way thanks for the heads up, and take it easy. Later!!! ;)
Sephiroth @sephiroth left a comment for Activity Feed
Sep 20, 09 at 10:03am
Messaging has been improved, try sending some messages! I've made it good enough that it deserves a link under your username in the top-right of all pages.
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