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User Feedback

We've been tabulating the results of our recent user survey, along with feedback from our forums and other areas of the website. This, in addition to our priority to-do list, is what I hope to continue working on for a little while. Some interesting notes to share:

Image uploading is the most liked feature.
People want most improvements to the matching system.
Most wanted feature was conventions attending/attended (implemented, but we're not doing much with the info yet).
What people want most is more nearby users (share us with your friends!)

This we've done recently:
  • Fixed Recent Activity Feed: You could only see the first page, now you can see the rest too.
  • Reminder Emails: We can now easily send emails like 'you should upload a picture' to new users. This should help us get users involved who signup then don't do much.
  • Square thumbnails: Now they are square and the same size, which makes our layout look a little better many places.
A couple of the next issues include: improve the messaging interface slightly (hide old messages in long conversations), fix the design of the forums up a bit.

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