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39 year old Male
Last online over 11 years ago
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You are so welcome! I hope you find the site interesting and meet all kinds of people. They are really nice on here. ありがとう!It is a little difficult language but I hope to get fluent in it one day! Yes I love the Japanese culture and hope to also get a chance to go over there and experience first hand! I truly have anime to thank for introducing me to the culture and history. My family thinks I'm a little strange for my love of Japan but I don't care. Have a nice day!
locket @locket left a comment for zepdread
Jun 09, 10 at 7:24am
Hello! Welcome to MaiOtaku! I am new to this site as well... You seem like a very interesting person. I agree that anime has the power to change people's perception about the world, and I think it already has. :)
hi! welcome to Maiotaku! Also nice info! Have a great day!! ^_^