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I am from India and our prime minister sleeps for 1 hour only .
Sep 04, 23 at 4:17am
I had dreams about myself as two different individuals , one broke as hell and the other was a successful person . I cannot see the faces but I know they are me . The 'poor version of me has a terrible life and he loses his mother in a house fire . He couldn't save her . Both of my versions live different lives , yet in the same world .. Their paths cross many times. In the world I see everyone is bright orange almkst like fire ... There is a related dream where the poor version of myself tries to fix himself but I can't recall most of the details . Those dreams were scary and left me traumatized . Either I had high grade fever after or during such dreams . I dunno why I had this same dream eversince I was 4 or 5 . I did understand the message of this dream when I got a little older and became more ambitious .. These dreams have stopped coming now .
(9:16 PM Tue. Feb 7th) I some reason had a dream where Tony Stark bought me a whole bunch of donuts lol. They were some delicious looking donuts too and it was a local store owned by Hispanics... idk why my dream went into detail about who owned the store? And why the donuts looked so detailed and delicious!
Rose Mommy ® @wei_ying Woah! Hope the first version never happens to you <3
DEACTIVATED @swadian left a comment for u_ackerman
Jan 28, 22 at 9:40pm
Thanks for the request!!
Why not Flash or Nike ?