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30 year old Female
Last online almost 10 years ago
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Aug 10, 17 at 12:41pm
Hello ^__^
sokyoku @sokyoku left a comment for ema_hinata
Jun 26, 17 at 10:43am
How's life? We should talk ^.^
Hey, i saw you loved Madoka Magica, which is awesome! Have you seen Little Witch Academia?
Hi everybody! Sorry for being so rude and not responding for your all messages and posts on my profile. I want to especially apologize to one special person (he will know). The reason I wasn't here for so long is because of my health problems. Lot of you don't know I have a heart disease (well a lot of you don't even know me). Some of you may know that I have been overworking myself most of the time. And that cost me in the end a lot. I've been in the hospital for the last two months resting under medical control. So that's the reason I wasn't here or anywhere else. Next week I have my surgery, and hopefully if everything goes good I'll be joining you guys in a month or less :) I am not playing "the pity card" nor do I seek for anybody's compassion. And certainly I am not looking for attention. I was very surprised when I came here and saw all these messages and notifications. I am very thankful that some of you actually care. There were things I could have done better on this site and things I regret a lot. At the end I want to thank you all for keeping me company and entertaining me. First of all I want to especially thank Yu and also apologize to him for many cruel things I've done to him. Also want to thank vampire_neko, arazno ,nuro0o, buji, maverick, kurotabo , robjm0 and many others. I am so sorry if I hurt any of you guys. I shall do better in the future! Hopefully I'll hear from you guys next month :) Currently listening to it and it seems kind of appropriate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gPpIgiufKs
I am part of the LGBT community.And Ill be attending the LGBT pride, its a really fun event.. Been there also last year (we have it in Europe also,its not just in America) all you do is you parade with the LGBT community and walk through the city , and later you have the after partys which are really amazing :D