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June is Now LGBT Pride Month

President Obama has declared that the month of June is now "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month." That's fantastic! I'm not entirely sure what a pride month does for people but I'm glad it is here. I understand that LBGT Pride Month is meant to be celebrated. But how? Do you support the LGBT community? Are you already part of the LGBT community? Read more here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/02/obama-pride-month_n_5431801.html I will also like to add that there is a fast growing awareness of the transgender community. Do you know someone that is transgender whether they cross dress or receive medicinal and/or surgical reassignment?
I am definitely a straight ally. I participate in a lot of the events for LGBT and I have a lot of LGBT friends, probably due to the fact the person that understood me the most was my mom's gay best friend. I'm a strong advocate for equality, and acceptance of people's sexual identity. :) This month is a time for strength, awareness, and party time in the community where I live! lol
Jun 05, 14 at 5:53am
That is really awesome!! I do not have any LGBT friends but I do know some awesome gay people. And I also DO know what its like to experience prejudice and be discriminated against. It's great to see LGBT are getting recognition and celebrated.
I'm Straight and I'll always support equality. I've been fortunate to meet some great people within the LGBT community.
I am part of the LGBT community.And Ill be attending the LGBT pride, its a really fun event.. Been there also last year (we have it in Europe also,its not just in America) all you do is you parade with the LGBT community and walk through the city , and later you have the after partys which are really amazing :D
Jun 05, 14 at 10:36pm
Every month is pride month, holla.
Hmmm... not sure how that's celebrated Knightshine. I myself am not a party animal; tee-hee. I do support the LGBT community however I'm not apart of it nor any communities. Personally I have not had the pleasure of knowing of any transgender people nor those who used medicinal or surgical means. I have met and friended a crossdresser/crossplayer off M.O., but they are not a transgender person.
Jun 20, 14 at 5:04pm
Go gay guys! Wohoo! I wish there was some sort of rally I could go to to show support (and party!).
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