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Jun 21, 14 at 2:37pm
"Despite what people say"?? Who are these people and why haven't they been brought to justice?! Hehe, seriously though, Halo does have a great story. Especially when you bring the novels into play as well. Halo: The Fall of Reach's story was absolutely fantastic, so much better than Halo: Reach's story. I enjoyed H:ODST a lot as well. The dark empty streets, a few Covenant patrols clearing up anything that was left alive in the city, and of course the gritty jazz music <3 I really was a bit disappointed with the story itself, though. In the end not one named character had died and everyone rode (literally) into the sunset in a captured Phantom. I think the plot could've been so much better if they had made it so that when the rookie found the various items, the story they told wasn't how each member simply lost that item, but how each member died a horrible or heroic death at the hands of an unstoppable alien foe. Hehe, thanks. I hope you enjoyed them ;)
Yu @metaljester left a comment for Jochon
Jun 21, 14 at 1:16pm
I would hope so. I did enjoy the brutes weapons chopper was a effective weapon if you know how to use it. I loved halo 3 though brought good closure to the first trilogy. Despite what people say halo does have a pretty good story and a decent amount of lore if anything it has a interesting style to it. I have yet to get one either though waiting for the right time will probably get it when halo 5 bundle comes out which I am sure it will. Although definitely getting the set as well so I can have the games remastered so to speak. I personally liked halo odst even though it was more off of chiefs story I liked the more human part of it so to speak. Made you feel more attached and such to your team. Not to mention the soundtrack had a sad jazzy feel which I enjoyed mostly. Also a interesting group of pictures you have there on your profile. XD
Jun 20, 14 at 4:33pm
Hello random otaku ^^
Here's a picture of the races. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-XqaILRPmC6Y/U6ra0gmzlQI/AAAAAAAAkKw/1Eg9fJ1cPhI/s1600/All_Factions.jpg
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