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Source HoegLaw is using for reference to his arguments, How the clocks works:

Hoeglaws Video on the topic

Also not exactly retro, but I am gonna put this on other forums because this is very relevant for the sake of preservation especially for digital downloads as well. Basically Hoeglaw is suggesting that instead of filing class action lawsuits over the potential inaccessability of games we legally purchased, but to get the Library of Congress to look over the exceptions to the rules established (if that makes sense)


I saw that this was happening and it's a load of BS as well as the reason why I only get physical media if physical media is available. My argument was that if you get something digital then that means whoever provided it can take it away. I was hoping that it wouldn't happen, but then Sony pulls this nonsense. At least give the older consoles special patches or keys to let you play the downloaded games before pulling the service.


Hmmmmm. Today I learned about the existence of a game called "Tokimeki Memorial". It is a dating sim. Although I am biased against those kinds of games, I liked its style. I will give it a go and update when I have an opinion about it.



Yes there are two versions of it. One for PC-Engine CD and Saturn. Saturn you have to be careful with since they have each charactre in the game have their own interactive disc which isn't really a game and more of a artwork gallery.



Really? Interesting. I can only play th e SNES and GBC versions on phone, so I'll have to kick some emus for the Saturn version in my PC. Thanks for telling, tho.


Update. I messed up so bad I need to restart my game.

Literally all girls hate me.


@kuharido @tsunpaper @dyadka_yar
I plan to purchase a Analogue Mega SG when it becomes available. As someone who's never had a Genesis growing up, I dont plan to (at least for now) build up a Genesis Collection, so I plan to go purchase a Everdrive. Do any of you know which one would benefit me more? The Terra Onion Mega SD or the Mega Everdrive by Krikzz?
Also can you cater a list of games that are a must play?

Might also purchase an SNES Everdrive as well, just dont know which one would be right for me.



The Terra Onion is as good for Genesis as the Everdrive since it simply contains the games and they run off of the hardware. Sega CD and 32X function is decent, not exact but decent. I will say that there are Sega CD and 32X games that are certainly worth giving a shot because there are extremely good games on both consoles.

As far as games for Genesis I can give a few recommendations.
-Sonic series
-Streets of Rage series
-Beyond Oasis
-Battle Mania
-Yu Yu Hakusho Makyou Toitsusen
-Splatter House 2 and 3
-Rocket Knight Advbentures
-Phantasy Star 2 and 4 (3 is not the best)
-Marvel Land
-Chiki Chiki Boys
-Shining Force 1 and 2
-Valis series
-Herzog Zwei
-Contra Hard Corps
-Gauntlet IV
-Biohazard Battle
-McDonalds Treasure Land Adventure
-Gunstar Heroes
-Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition
-General Chaos
-Decap Attack
-Earthworm Jim

Sega CD has a few must play games
-Sonic CD
-Lunar 1 and 2
-The Terminator
-Night Trap
-Dark Wizard
-Popful Mail
-Final Fight CD
-Keio Flying Squadron
-Shining Force CD

32X isn't so great but it has some good stuff
-Knnuckles Chaotix
-Star Wars The Arcade
-Shadow Squadron
-Metal Head
-Mortal Kombat II (Best version on a 16 bit console)
-Space Harrier
-Virtua Fighter

These are just some, I could go on for much longer.


Pretty much what Yar says here. I don't think I can really add much more honestly. I would go with the Terra Onion as well I do use Krikzz Everdrives, but I feel like this is an instance where the Terra Onion is a tad better than Kirkzz's option. Both are great choices and I am sure as updates continue they will both be excellent options but as of this moment I say Terra Onion but in the grand scheme of things it won't matter too much in a few years.


I see Ys I give a like

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