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Retro Game Talk & Appreciation

I personally love and adore the PS1 and I find those graphics super appealing, nostalgic and just so much fun to see in more retro throwback games nowadays. On the other hand I find Nintendo 64 games to be absolutely hideous and terrible looking thanks to awful bilinear texture filtering; also the FPS games on the system do not hold up simply due to the fact that they run horribly. I mean the games themselves are great don't get me wrong but how anyone thinks those framerates are acceptable even today is beyond me and trying to play them makes me physically ill. Except for Doom 64 which is easily the best game on the N64 if you ask me.
Rummaged through old things and thought about restoring some of this stuff. Didn't have many games back in the day but my favorites are Link to the Past Megaman X Yoshi's Island and Super Mario. Lost my Killer Instict some time ago. Sads.
I've always love retro style gaming..Namco inspired me a lot when I was a kid. Sometimes I still play my favorite Ps1 and GBA games for fun. Hm...Always loved Namco,Retro Nintendo and Snk good times.
Oh forgot about retro Sega love a few of Sega's retro games...
I just tried to hook up my Ps2 to the smart TV and it looks hideous. Something about trying to scale 720p up to 4k messing with the image quality. Sads. Can't imagine what the Snes might look like on there. Once I... "Restore" it.
@warhammer_titan The situation is even worse than you think. You are trying to upscale what is usually 480i into 4K. This is actually the reason I have an old CRT TV laying around specifically for games made before 2004.
^I'm like trying to see who might have one lying around. Lol
In other news. I swapped my Gameboy Advance Sp shell for a new one.
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