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Tell me about your worst boss fights...


Words cannot describe how fucking hard this guy was, and part of it was the game's mechanics...


By no means a terrible boss - it's actually pretty amazing but this gave me SO much trouble and took many tries to finally beat - this is the second to last boss by the way

But if we're talking complete shit house bosses that I utterly despise then it's gotta be this - screw it so hard


Persona 3's 14 phase final fight against Nyx. Also gets to attack twice per turn which was fun! Took me hours to beat and the fight itself takes roughly an hour for an attempt.


Data battles in KH3 are absolutely brutal. Doesn't help that I'm not particularly good at the game, but they're still a fairly steep challenge imo.

casaiiiir @casaiiiir commented on Tell me about your worst boss fights...
casaiiiir @casaiiiir
Apr 19, 20 at 10:48am
This account has been suspended.

took 3 of us over an hour to beat them


Ultimecia from FFVIII and Yunalesca from FFX were definitely tough af to beat.

And Larxene from KH Chain of Memories was a pain to beat just because of the card-based battle system.
Hopefully Square Enix doesn't use that battle system for KH ever again. :O


These two asshats gave me PTSD of Milktank and rollout >.<


Yo @deathgodzero !

You and I got some connection going on here because FFVIII was my introduction to the Final Fantasy series too and I had a hell of a time figuring out the junction system when battling Ultimecia.


That whole having to fight all those mini-bosses to unlock abilities before fighting her too was ridiculous!


I also feel you on the Larxene from Chain of Memories as well!


It just never stopped!


Have you read the Kingdom Hearts manga by chance for Chain of memories? It is really funny seeing how Larxene is defeated by Donald Duck in that, haha!


For me, it was the last boss of DMC4 on my first time beating it, had no idea what I was doing, kept dying and restarting.

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