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Tell me about your worst boss fights...


I'm watching a video on Silent Hill: Home Coming and I remember how many times it took for me to beat Amnion.

Not as bad as the final fight in Heavenly Sword or Sepheroth in Kingdom Hearts but still very frustrating. What were some of your hardest boss fights?

ƈǟɮʀóռ [кαт’ѕ] @grandpa commented on Tell me about your worst boss fights...
ƈǟɮʀóռ [кαт’ѕ] @grandpa
Mar 28, 20 at 12:44am
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^Ornstein and Smough were a pain in the ass on my first playthrough of the game since I had a heavy armor & weapon guy so I had that chunky roll that took like half the stamina bar lol.

I think the hardest one I've faced is most likely Death and his goddamn sickles in the first Castlevania. That fight took sooo many retries, almost 2 hours until I finally beat him.


2 hours is a fair estimate of me beating the last battle of Heavenly Sword. I have limited ability to follow rhythm and to win you had to deflect the boss' attacks by hitting them back.

Geez even this play through is 22 min video. It was brutal.
At about 17:00 it shows one of the attacks you hit back... 17 mins in your fingers are exhausted and one miss and you're dead. Maybe not but my memory screams in agony.


Lmao, that reminds me of the fight with Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time. You had to hit back/deflect his attack to stun him, shoot him with your bow and then move in to hit him with your sword for damage. For some reason I was terrible at timing it, it was basically match of Badminton except with a deadly electric ball lol.

Starts at 2:20

ƈǟɮʀóռ [кαт’ѕ] @grandpa commented on Tell me about your worst boss fights...
ƈǟɮʀóռ [кαт’ѕ] @grandpa
Mar 28, 20 at 1:10am
This account has been suspended.

The final boss in ff13-2 mainly because I some how reached the boss at level 40 or something like that. I was definitely severally under leveled and that boss ended up taking about an hour to finish (not from restarting or dying or anything like that just one straight boss battle taking that long). Not sure how long the game usually is for people but I finished it in under 24 hours


The Egg from SaGa Frontier 2.

First of all, you can only defeat 4 of the 6 Edelritters that give the Egg their power. You can only use the two reserve party members in 4 (Stone, Beast, Tree and Tone) of the 6 battles, and you lose them permanently. The Fire and Water lords are fought with your main party (of 4).

However, in order for one to have an easier time with the Egg, the Edelritters that must be defeated are Stone and Tree.

Deadstones are a must because the Egg's attacks can damage LP (deplete all of them, and a character is permanently out of battle). There is no LP recovery in battle, only outside of it with Ark Stones, a rare item in the game.

Lastly, the game has very specific grinding spots and non-linear story, making the unwary first-timer going to the final scenario unprepared.


Dead Rising 3
The psychopath fat woman

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